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The Rise Of Starlit Fires - Force Majeure

The winter is long in Finland

Force Majeure has not touched on in almost ten years, and with a new vocalist in Marcus Lång they have changed direction a little bit, and at the same time, they are trying to play a trick on the metal world and its characters. Their newest album The Rise of Starlit Fires' name is produced only from the thought, that they would love to get a Finnish, legendary radio announcer to pronounce it with perfect speech. It is similar arguably little to Poul Krebs let Mylle pronounce his last album in live radio. Rigsdansk, no hesitation, and with a pride that only Mylle can find.

Multiartist meetings traditions

The quirky setup of the Force Majeure the non-traditional and yet traditional at the power metal. You have a bastant vocals, a few guitars, a bass and a drummer. But if you look at the presentation here, can the drummer so much more: "drums, orchestra bells, bell-tree, tympani drum, gong, cowbells, temple blocks, wind chimes, crotales". Talk about a multi-arts. And it comes clearly into play several times. More on that in a bit.

Firstly I would like to return, how they describe themselves. Namely, as the "Semi-Erotic Power Metal With Great Finish Delivery". Here you can talk about to stand out with will. Gone are the traditional fantasy-like topics. Comes everything from a love story with which zodiac symbol is the Twins, over a story about the future of humankind lives in the nordborealske forest, past a tale of a church to the Venus, which comes down and dances with the people at the coast - to conclude with a story about a, who identify with falling snowflakes.

All this is accompanied by various percussion instruments, celtic undertones, fast riffs, a deep bass and then a wondrous voice, as I have a hard time to agree with myself on whether I like or not. Yes, it is a clear power metal voice. No, it is neither too shrill or too deep. Anyway I can sit and think, "no, it does not work", but to describe why it does not fit, is difficult. As Jeremy Clarkson would have said it: "it looks like a Golf, it sounds like a Golf, it drives like a Golf. But it so isn't."

A bit the same feeling I have here. It may well be that the voice sounds like power, it may well happen, Marcus similar to power metal, and he behaves as power metal. But it is just not power metal. A little cumbersome description, but the experience I get out of the music, is not optimal with him on the vocals. There is great reference to the German part of the power metallen, while the music focuses on the Finnish side of the power metallen. The constellation just doesn't work.

They have taken care of a long time?

The question is, whether the six years they have spent on this production, has been for a long time. Be preserved, they changed singer and was going to run him into. But anyway, six years to make a plate in the same ballgame as they are accustomed to work in, in a very long time in our days. It is as if there is an underlying tone, whether they should have made the album or not. We know of good reasons, but it is a thought that is worth having on the only 44 min. and eight songs, we get served.

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