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The Sacrament Of Sin - Powerwolf

Requiem Quod Orgia

The Sacrement Of His is certainly a nice disc to put on if you are into the grandiose powermetal. It does not offer something new, that we haven't seen from Powerwolfs page before, but it is a fine addition to their discography. If you crave innovation, you should not look that way, but if you want to hear EVEN more from the same drawer, then it is great. As a little bonus information, there is a "deluxe" version with cover songs from other artists of the Powerwolfnumre. But there is only 1 Attila Dorn, and it is only him who with faith sing "EINZ, ZWEI, SATAN IS MY KING, HALLEEEELUJAAAH!"


Lupus Penis Major


Nihil Sub Germania

If you are not familiar with Powerwolf, you must have something in mind. The new wave of hittende power metal bands, such as the bla. includes bands such as Gloryhammer, Powerwolf and Sabaton, one should take with a grain of salt! There is talk about bands that have some niches that they play really well, and they provide great and fabulous shows. Powerwolf is as written one of these. Plates here are werewolves, the priesthood, and, of course, the whole washed down with a good dose of SATAN!

Adjacent Popularibus Musica

As I said before; you are not well versed in Powerwolf's musical universe, so you can easily start by The Sacrement of His , as well as on any other plate. Except the 2 first sheets are not been the major musical development of Powerwolf, and none of the numbers in The Sacrament of His feels in any way exclusive to disc. Be maintained, which is not turned all the way up for gakketheden, as with previous numbers (there are no angels, which revives the fallen warriors, by means of blowjob method!), but should you choose to press "shuffle" on the overall music archive all, you wouldn't be able to hear the difference in the discs. This is both good and bad. The good thing is that you know what you get: Power-metal with both German stanzas and lots of HALLELUJAH! But on the other hand, you know, what you get ala. AC/DC the effect where you don't start to play too much with innovativitet, but more with the repetition. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, there are some numbers which need to be highlighted, since they really work well. Both "Four" and forgive" and "Demons are a girls best friend" is good Powerwolf-numbers, which certainly withstands the reunion. Especially the Fire and forgive have a small tribute to Metallica filed in with a number, which obviously is borrowed from the One. It is so clear that it can only be a tribute and is seen as something fun more than actual plagiarism.

In addition, there is a small quiet "as world war ii ended", if you could call it that. "Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone" is probably the closest we're going on a completely serious number of Powerwolf, and it is still impressive when you take into account the fact that the German ulvepræster is 7 fuldlængdeskiver inside of your career!

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