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The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos - Sulphur Aeon

Third round with the octopus band

3. time dolls German Sulphur Aeon up from the depths with their Chutulu-forherligende anthems, and for the 3rd time, one must again hauled through an impenetrable dark universe! I knuselsker the first two albums with Sulphur Aeon, their take on the death metal genre is unique in all its majestic superiority. Since then the number Yuggothian Spell was the break, it was a surprise to me that it actually left me a little cold. I could not really get on the other side of it and seemed a little, to the clear vocals seemed out of place. BUT ... let no one be in doubt, for now that the whole album has rotated several times, it is clear to me that Sulphur Aeon has once again delivered a unique work in their brand of death metal and at the same time has managed to develop it!

Svovltung tribute to the endless dark

The dial lay out with the cool Cult of Starry Wisdom, which sets the tone for what awaits. Ultratungt, melodic, catchy and unlikely warmly. The band is working with the eerily dark riffs that are cut up small melodic klimterier, which just contributes even more to the overall power of the abysmal atmosphere. The numbers on the dial are built all the time, so that you almost get the feeling that that crawl anything in the impenetrable darkness. I write above that I had doubts as to the introduction of the clean vocals, but as it sets, it becomes just another bomb in the band's already extensive artillery. All the numbers should be listed here, for their different qualities, but I want to mention the number Sinister Sea Sabbath as their standout track, for it is with the heaviest and most evocative piece of music, 2018 has brought me... almost funeral doomet at times, but still with all the things that characterise Sulphur Aeon, a nearly 10-minute long tour de force in the Death Metal!

When the dust has settled

My enthusiasm for The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos is just become bigger every time you listen, there is simply a detail in the music, that makes each and every listen becomes a new experience. I clearly prefer to listen to the album with great hørebøffer. This makes I easier capturing details, such as the slips, when I hear it through the facility in private. The production on the disc is a tad less dark than on the band's first two albums, and my first instinct was that it peeled a little of the music, but the impulse was wrong. The production leaves just exactly enough light in the mix to the cool tunes catches your ear and makes you listen even better after. The plate lasts barely 52 minutes, divided into 8 tracks, so it is long numbers, but not a single time are the least long in the saliva! This is, quite simply, a masterpiece!

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