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The Sea of Tragic Beasts - Fit For An Autopsy

Yet another successful plate

The Sea Of Tragic Beasts appears as a good example of a contrast to all the classic ekstremproggeres still delicious, but gradually less extreme numbers. The band's starting point in the vicious deathcore is still apparent, and is livskilden to the magic of the picturesque layer of progmetal, there is swabbed across. Fit For An Autopsy profess to a greater extent to the penslede layer, but do it in an elegant manner, without music elements to be lost. Even a plate, that would justify their ever-expanding role of the modern deathcore.

A global wild fury"

After to have listened sporadically to the band's 2015 album, Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell, it was a late nattekoncert at the Wacken Festival, that convinced me of Autopsy/2249">Fit For An Autopsy's potential. The few people who were still alive at 1:30, obduceredes on the site of the americans ' groovede deathcore. Unlike several of their genrebrødre and countrymen's music, however, there is more than just the brutality of this bands breaks and bridges. The inspiration from the progressive field – a la Gojira, Opeth and Meshuggah – has been increasingly clear since then, and with the band's appreciative nod to Australia's deathcorescene music has had strong global appeal. I was therefore excited ready by the speakers, since the current plate, The Sea Of Tragic Beasts, threw its shadow on the past autumn.

Viscous dræberprog

There are now countless bids of successful crosses between death metal and progressive/technical metal. They are often the expression of a beautiful symbiosis that occurs between the simple, heavy, brutal metal and it stemningsvarierede, sudden, and experimental prog – as a opdagelsesrejsendes confrontation with an omnivorous beast. How does The Sea of Tragic Beasts into this? The album acts neither technical djent music or faith Gojira disciple. The music takes, in contrast with the constant snarling, deep growls and explosive drum rhythms starting point in the modern deathcore. On top of this bottom added to the cosy, groovede guitar riffs, which, along with the sometimes technical time signatures give the songs a progressive expression. Especially with the alpha on the "Napalm Dreams" be painted with the thick progressive brush. In the other extreme, one finds the hard-hitting "Warfare" with its delicious, heavy breaks, that have a perfect occasion for warfare in moshpitten, when sangtitlens command angrily rejected.

The balance between the animal and the sophistication of the has been dislodged on The Sea Of Tragic Beasts compared to previous albums. The production is more muddy and the previous focus on cut-throat riffeksekvering have been disregarded in favor of a more swampy style. This clothes album more proggede expression, and seems Fit For An Autopsy move closer to its progressive sources of inspiration. In passages such as the bridge on the track "Mirrors" is victorious the new direction with its dreamy atmosphere. The consequence is, however, a slight loss in the mosh-factor for the simpler passages, which is not quite as brutally, as they have done on the f.ex. "Absolute Hope " Absolute Hell" and "Heads Will Hang" from previous albums. Not a radical shift, but still something that lets the album stand out from its predecessors.

Dystopiscenarier and exploration of the mind and life's darker sides are often the focal point of the lyrics; which are becoming increasingly looked inward. Psykens gloomy walks are visited, and the painful consequences thereof brøles out. After moving into darkness looks outward again to a world, as the best draw hand, does not have much left over for. The gloom-and-doom? It must be with Fit For An Autopsy. Are you tired of waging war against the world, you can halfway through the album put a little Avantasia, a First single or anything else kærlighedsmetal on, before you again allow themselves to be swallowed up by dreams about napalm, desperation and social warfare.

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