The Seven Spirits - Altar of Oblivion

Doom in English

Altar of Oblivion debuted in 2009 with the fuldlængden Sinews of Anguish - a plate that completely took the ass on me, with the unlikely catchy version of the powerful, epic doom metal, backed by a great concept about the German soldiers ' hardships at the front. When the slice came out, it was clear to hear that singer Mick's Mentor was a little green and untrained. Some dismissed and have subsequently written off the band pga. the vocals, but I knuselsker it, and on this new album when he completely new classes, but more on that later. The band is currently on slice number 3, and it is by a large margin the absolute best, the band has delivered in his career so far.

Masterful beauty, and heavy shelling

Seven years have passed since the Altar of Oblivion last released a full-length feature, and what have they spent the year on? Well it has in my ears used to optimize all of their signatures. From the first riff on the dial to the last notes of the "Grand Gesture of Defiance" ring out, working the band with one of the more catchy, voldtunge and powerful track after another. There is quite simply a huge pile of profits on this disc. This comes to expression in the music, which is heavy as an armored tank, but still loaded with riffs, one can keep in mind long after the music has passed by. The numbers are really quite similar, but there is precisely the variation that makes, that they still stand out from each other. And so we come to the vocals, it blows me completely out of the water. Mick has certainly spent the time to optimize its expression: he sings, in my ears, quite simply, excellent. Some will probably think that he trying too much, and that it becomes a bit pretentious, but in my world he is one of doomscenens best singers, and I thought, he proves on the dial here. He is mostly in a mellemleje, but also come up in the higher registers, and so fraserer he completely eerily cool!!!


I had very high expectations for this disc, but that they should be met and even surpassed, it comes up behind me. I eventually listened to the dial 20 - 30 times, and I continue to fall over the small details in the music. This means, that each listen feels fresh. Denmark is not exactly known for our doomscene, but in Altar of Oblivion, we have a band, we can be proud of. My headline for this is in the whole wide of my relationship to the dial here, for the Altar of Oblivion can easily tolerate to be mentioned in the same breath as Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and others from the top shelf. It is early in the year, but I can already now say that this disc will end up high on my list, when the 2019's best album must be selected!


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