The Sinner's Sake - Nothgard

Children of Bavaria

Nothgard is, admittedly, a German band, but keep now otherwise straight well-fixed, how do they sound, however, Finnish. And here I do not believe that they sing in Finnish, or that their vocals are so indistinct, that you get the opinion that it is just the way it is. No, I believe that their entire image is as taken out of the Finnish melo-dødsscene, ranging from the deep to the instrument, the female featured vocals, as well as the hjernesmeltende neo-classical guitar solos. Think Children of Bodom, if they otherwise had ever made an album without being there and spent the time to hone the sound stage and used a proper production, it has elements that Nothgard in each case, have spent time on. The sound is crisp, and it all goes through crystal clear. All in all, is The Sinner's Sake an album, where professionalism really is a keyword – very impressive.


There Sünder Willen

The Sinner's Sake is Nothgards third full album, and it is something of an epic folkedødsopus. But before you sit and become too impressed that such a new band (they are from 2009), doing so professionally and bombastic a work, then it is worth to point out that all the members have been in other bands before or still is it, for example, are release, Dom R. Crey, also in Equilibrium, so we have to do with a bunch of bajere, who know perfectly well what is up and down on a guitar. Their sound is excellent; it manages to sound both familiar (and Finnish), but yet also new and again bombastic. The word bombastic is generally the right word to describe Nothgards sound; it is explosive, melodic, and epic. It hits you just as hard in the face, as a Dungeons & Dragons-rulebook from the 79 would do it, and no, you may not hit a save for half damage!

Das Erste Mal

The Sinner's Sake was my first meeting with Nothgard, but I can guarantee that if they continue in the same way, so it will not be my last! I'm crazy with this here slice and Nothgard. This is an album that is going to run on repeat a few times! It simply has it all. I'm tremendously impressed, and I can feel all the way into the body, that it is just this disc, I have had the need for it last time. If you go and are suffering from a bit of fatigue, so it is absolutely certain that The Sinner's Sake enough to shake the worst of the rust of a with a supersonic bang.

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