The Sound of Scars - Life Of Agony

We have not ar – we are our scars

The continuous history on The Sound of Scars bind the songs together, even though they can easily stand alone, each for himself. That in itself is an impressive feat, but in addition this release is also some of the best, Life Of Agony have committed since their iconic debut. I dry almost good venture for me to note that there hardly comes a better crossover/hardrockudgivelse in the year than The Sound of Scars. It is not just fantastic music from a fantastic band, they also have something at heart in a time where everyone is for himself. We are looking inward just a moment and then concerns us just a bit for our nearest, we should realize that we are not something, in spite of our respective scars – but in virtue of them. We must embrace our past, no matter how black it may be, and remember to have the same attitude to our future. Otherwise we will go nowhere. Ladies and gentlemen, there is compulsory attendance, when Life Of Agony hits Amager Bio Monday 4. november.

Masterful hardrock with an important message

1993 revisited

A few years ago did the american Life Of Agony a terrific comeback with a solid album, A Place Where There's No More Pain. At that time they had not released anything in twelve years, but now New York-quartet in the degree become active again. They have recently released their sixth langspiller, The Sound of Scars, and this time throws out of something utterly daring; a direct sequel to their legendary debut, a conceptual album River Runs Red.

On the latter album, we did a poor agonized teen from Brooklyn, who went so horribly through a lot. The very last, you could hear on the record, were blood droplets remain, which hit the water in a bath and so told us about the main character's tragic demise. But-but, we must think again. For now, 26 years later, it turns out that he is not dead.

How hard rock sounds in 2019

The Sound of Scars, starts where their debut left off with the aforementioned scene from the bathroom, but it turns out quickly, that our protagonist survived. The story is, however, not one of the happy. We still follows the now grown man, but his life is not easy after a life of depression, anxiety and mental scars on the soul, which is the disc's first real song, "Scars", tells us about.

With his usual hard-hitting crossover of punk, hard rock, grunge and groove metal throws the charismatic Mina Caputo and her faithful minions out to tell us all along, that it is perfectly okay not to have it good. We tumble all around with bigger or smaller things in the luggage, but if we make sure to talk with each other and be aware of each other, we can go much further together than we can alone. Jo, it is heavy items to be taken up, but it very delicately and respectfully on the band's own hard-hitting manner. And there is hardly any more credible to deliver these messages than just Mina Caputo, who certainly has not lived an easy life free of mental kvababbelser.

The lyrics, as anyone who has struggled with depression or the like, can recognize, is one thing. And then there's the music. Here delivers guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan Robert, and the new drummer Veronica Bellino a fantastic collection of ear-catching tunes of nice high quality. In fact, it makes no sense to highlight individual intersections, since every number is a formidable listening experience, but with the gun to the forehead, then listen to "Scars", "Lay Down" and "Empty Hole". Here is the thick 90'are references to both the Garbage and Stone Temple Pilots, added to the unmistakable aggressiveness, that have been the hallmark of Life Of Agony. And this is how the entire plate actually; solid hard rock, which both looks back to the band's start in 1993, but certainly also to the future. The aggressiveness, solid riffs and catchy melodies. So, it becomes damn not much better.

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