The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

Excellent contribution

Avenged Sevenfold have released an excellent album, where there can be no doubt about the musicians ' skill. This is particularly the case for Synyster Gates with cool guitar riffs and solos, as well as Brooks Wackermans absolutely sublime and exciting style of play. It, in turn, works not so good on this record, the melodies; I'm in need of more choir and in short, better tunes.

Subject to the bias of a reviewer with an Avenged Sevenfold tattoo on the back, get The Stage 7 small skulls.

Unexpected response

Completely unexpectedly, threw the californian hard rock boys single "The Stage" out on the street, and later the album The Stage. Avenged Sevenfold, who lost drummer The Rev, back in 2009, has since then held the swing doors open behind the drums. First with Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater and a lot of other progressive metal) and eventually, Arin Ilejay. All good times are three, lo and behold there is a new drummer to find on The Stage-the album. This is none other than Brooks Wackerman, now ex-Bad Religion drummer, and what a refreshing and good news for the band. More on this later.

When Avenged Sevenfold is mentioned, one thing is sure: They like to experiment, and no two of their albums sound the same. The same is the case with The Stage, which, besides being hard rock, has been playing with the more progressive elements.


Lyspunktet Brooks

For the first time on the album The Stage is fun enough number of the same name. Here we have to do with the almost 9 minutes in the company of guitarist Synyster Gates, throw away the one cool guitar solo after the other, and it is quite cool. The problem is that M. Shadows' tune, and the song doesn't quite have the same quality, and thus the number, unfortunately, mediocre. See however the music video, which is much cooler than the song itself, unfortunately. How to there are several numbers that appear on The Stagealbum, and I must be completely honest, I think much of Avenged Sevenfolds creativity died along with The Rev. the Problem is also that The Stage does not completely contain the good tunes, which Avenged Sevenfold else manages to ug, with or without The Rev. This is certainly a conscious choice from their side, where there is much more focus on the progressive elements, which is especially heard in the song "Exist", that is one of the album's best numbers. In the best progressive style is the album also a concept album, that deals with artificial intelligence, and one can think about what you want.

The Stage has also its bright spots, and the largest is Brooks Wackerman; his style of play fits perfectly into the band. Brooks throws some wild aggressive rhythms of the place, which is extremely refreshing and spillestilmæssigt fits better than the two previous drummers. Among the best numbers are, as previously mentioned, "Exist", which is extremely extensive. The same is true with the track "god Damn", which hammers away with 100 miles an hour, and also clean hook-wise is a hit. Last but not least is the track "Sunny Disposition" is also worth mentioning, where, in particular, the trumpet is to make the number memorable.


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