The Storm Within - Evergrey

Does it work?

I have a hard time with The Storm Within. I would really like to be able to like it, but it has unfortunately some shortcomings, which I not only can see through fingers with. The numbers that work well are few, but nevertheless they are there. And there are many good elements among their other numbers. I will let these few numbers to get a place on the playlist and pray that Evergrey will find their old spark back on their 21. release.

An epic declaration of love

Number 20 in the series

Evergrey have gathered the troops, and with Tom S. Englund (vocals, guitar), Johan Niemann (bass), Richard Zander (keyboards) Henrik Danhage (guitars) and Jonas Ekdahl (Drums) are ready to celebrate the anniversary in quite a big way. It is hard to come by as great a success as Hymns For The Broken. HFTB was taken as well, that I can't imagine that the fans have forgotten it. With the fresh memory jumps we now out of the 20. release, The Storm Within.

There is missing just something

I have always been a big fan of Evergreys more pompous songs, but in this game, there are several different things to enjoy together. My big problem with the disc comes as also stated here, for each and every number has one very big force, but lacking in turn a part from the rest. Tracks such as "Astray" has a very nice sound, but lacks some depth, where against the "Disconnect" is right in your face with aggression, but lacks some feeling. How to get the plate actually, and you feel all the time that you get served a half-right: the rice pudding without cinnamon, buttermilk without Danish statesman, fries without ketchup, or parsley sauce without roast pork. The numbers that work best are actually the numbers, where Englund do not sing alone. "The Orbit" have Nightwish-vocalist Floor Jansen, and their dynamics fit great together. I might be tempted to say that there could be an aural foundation for a professional marriage here, but in fact it is already to find on "The Paradox Of The Flame", where is Tom's wife, who sings with. This is my personal favorite, for there is an intimacy in their vocal sound, which is not available in other ways than to be each other's one and all.

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