The Suffering - Impious (SWE)

Dawn Of Demise has once again contributed to the fact that the world is a heavier place to stay

Death metal of the old school
Dawn Of Demise play ultratungt death metal of the old school, and it has never been any secret that the band is strongly inspired by the 'New York death metal scene' – especially Suffocation. It means, however, that there is talk about the rip-off of Dawn Of Demise master of this genre at the very highest level, and mixes completely in the top, along with their american role models.

Heavy, heavier, The Suffering
The Suffering is the Dawn Of Demises 4. full-length and very clearly their absolute heaviest album to date. Already from the first second of the opener, "Sadistic Gratification", it is clear that there is talk about the Dawn Of Demise, as we know them: crazy heavy and thumping brutally! There is not so much the piss here. It is the death metal of the highest caliber. Heavy riffs mixed with Scott's characteristic growling vocals and a rhythm section that really unloads so heavy that it is almost not to wear(!). The new grydebanker, Bastian Thusgaard, is just carried out great in his drumming and has lifted the whole rytmesektionen up to a level that causes everything to go up in a higher unity. Ultratunge passenger replaced by blast beats, go over to some fat mid-tempo, once again to return to the ultratunge. It is supereffektivt, and it takes itself several times in advance with the neck muscles along the way. Tracks like "The Suffering", "Predation" and "Those Who Deserve My Wrath" is clearly among my favorites, but overall, keeps the dial 666 heavy % from one end to the other.
Originality is a town in the quite heavy end of Russia. But what the hell does it matter, when the craft is at such a high level that one can rightly call Dawn Of Demise of 'Denmark's heaviest boy band'?!
Personally, I think that the previous album, Rejoice In Vengeance, smote half a tooth harder than The Suffering, which of course will always be a matter of taste. The truth is just that, Dawn Of Demise is a Danish death metal band in the absolute league. Absolutely at the height of Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding and the rest of the lads ' influences and inspirations from New York death metal scene.

Danish metal has iron on
After just a few rotations in the laserovnen, it is clear that you can once again be a proud Danish metalfan. The level is still rising, and that old song about, that Denmark is a metal-underdeveloped country, may eventually be disproved and subsided. Dansk metal have the iron on, and we can eventually do us in most genres at a very high, international level. Dawn Of Demise strikes at least solid, with the heaviest cast in stone, that we can be on the very highest shelf of cool metal bands.
A metalsamling with a penchant for heavy and brutal death metal may just not have a hole, called The Suffering with Dawn Of Demise. So it is just to get a CD, LP or both home to the collection – faster than the chicken salad.

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