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The Violent Sleep Of Reason - Meshuggah

But does it djent?

There is not much bad to say about this album, as it is incredibly dynamic and versatile with a masterful production. Musicality and technicality are once again in the ascendancy, and the band's potential has again been expanded. It is only fair to say that this album joins the ranks of masterpieces, in the form of obZen and Koloss and therefore I appoint nine skulls for a great intense and extremely album.

Ladies and Djentlemen. Bite the teeth together, which is new from Meshuggah!

Let's djent things up

"The man is fucking mad!" That was the gist of it from my brother, as we watched Meshuggah at the Orange Stage at the Roskilde Festival in 2004. Lead singer Jens Kidman is still angry and more than ever on the band's long-awaited eighth studio album The Violent Sleep Of Reason. It is with the teeth bitten together, and his eyes sunk into their head that I've been beaten hands down in the table in rhythm to this album. It is as expected, and as hoped, the great technical and aggressive. The band's playing style gave the name to the term djent, and it is of course strongly represented on this album, accompanied with brilliant polyrytmer.

Meshuggah continues to develop on their fabulous style and in the degree meet the expectations one has from their previous, masterful gambit. The Violent Sleep Of Reason is in many ways a nuanced album that does not disappoint.

Smack me djently and call Meshuggah!

The claim of being on the best show, backed up by åbningsnummeret "Clockworks", which consists of a seven-minute long, intense bombardment. The guitar is tuned all the way down in the basement and get the wallpaper to loosen up on your walls. The heavy bass and the masterful drumming gives one relationships with their early years and everything that you associate with Meshuggah. It is technically and dramatically, but at the same time incredibly mesmerizing and engrossing. It is a juggernaut of an opening number, which sets the bar and expectations for the rest of the album up there, where it was impossible believe it can be reached; but who are being pushed further to the bar with the "Born In Dissonance". It is a number that just keeps on giving, and as you can continue to immerse themselves in. You will find all the time new details and technical genialiteter in this issue. It may safely be described as a Meshuggah-signaturnummer, once again with an incredible heavy line and depth. The lyrics goes clear through Jens' anger and hoarse cries, and he vocals are just as impressive as it was 10 years ago. He is in a class of its own, for a more charismatic frontman is almost absent. His vocals and presence on stage is incredible. His anger and clenched gaze burning itself, when you sit and immerse themselves in the album and the lyrics, which revolves around the biblical writings and Goya's paintings.

It is hard to pick out individual numbers, which do especially well on this album, because each song is fantastic in every way. The album will be, in other words, never boring, and you can find all the time new corners and nuances. On the track "MonstroCity" get it all a little more groovy and catchy approach and can well be termed as one of the more "soft" numbers. Again it is difficult to highlight individual instruments, since it is all so overwhelming and powerful. Lots of small guitarpassager, with a few small solos, and drumming, which, as always, is in a class of its own. The number rises and falls in tempo several times along the way, and it gives the whole thing some cool rhythms.

The band's immense diversity and ability shines through on tracks like "Ivory Tower", "Into Decay" and the fabulous "Nostrum". The title track "The Violent Sleep Of Reason" is, to say the least amazing. The combination of this number is fantastic. The massive atmosphere that is being created between the bass, drums and guitar is excellent. It is heavy and disgusting and an incredibly strong number. You can be totally engrossed in all the details, but at times also a bit dizzy - keep da up!

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