The Wings Of War - Overkill

Up with the fists

There are few bands that gets the corners of his mouth and the fists up as Overkill, and if they are destined to lose a fight one day, the day is not yet circles. The Wings of War is mainly modern Overkill added a fistful of 90's Overkill, and if you have enjoyed anything that has come from the Jersey-the legends in the 10's, so you can safely fish the leather out of his pocket. It is not all of the songs that will be play on White Devil Armory, but the Blitz, Verni, and cow. seems unable to create something that is just mediocre.

The, who laughs last...

Let me start by clarifying my respect for the New Jersey antihelte: Overkills albums in 2010's surpasses everything The Big Four has committed in the same period combined. It surpasses also basically everything I've heard of the retro-thrash wave. A big part of the reason is that Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth and D. D. Verni apparently never get enough of thrashe around the world – the Blitz gave up for the hell kæderygningen – so even with forty years old sounds more inspired and vehement than ever before. That is why The Wings of War one of the plates, I have looked forward to the most in 2019, and even though it was not when the Ironbound's highs, it is hard to be disappointed.

Foreseeable bully bank

"Last Man Standing" continues Overkills proud tradition to start a brawl already on the opening track. No one and I mean no – screaming "fuck the complication – last man standing!" with just as much conviction as the Flash. The lungs has known better days, but the neck on the other hand has been immersed in formaldehyde since the'80s, and the voice becomes increasingly toxic. To everyone's great joy, I can also report that the Overkill, as a rule, retains the melodic hooks, which for my part has helped to make the 2010-era special.

A sizable part of the Wings of War recalls the style of W. F. O., and it is something we as fan just need to be aware of. Both "Believe in the Fight" and "Head of a Pin" is each its breakdown with bøllekor, which "Bat Shit Crazy" and "Distortion" brings midtertempo-grooves forward of the main themes, and instead uses the c-pieces to remind the listener that Overkill still has the thrash in the heart. This is not a huge concern in itself – I have, despite everything, W. F. O. standing flat on the shelf – but I will never be as happy groove-thrashen as for modern Overkills sizzling melodies and razor-sharp riffs.

If you are annoyed with the references to the groove-era, I'm glad that the Wings will come back strong and end with two galsindede thrashere in "Out on the Road-Kill" and "Hole in My Soul", so no matter what will it thrash for the hell came after. They can't "Endless War" in a rage, neither "The Goal is Your Soul" in infectiousness, but Overkill on the three-quarters power you can still send the most opkomlinge for the count. In addition, we have "Welcome to the Garden State", a vociferous and feststemt "hello and fuck of"-tribute to the home state New Jersey, which sticks out with durtonet punk rock á la the soundtracks from the Tony Hawk. My guess is that it is great if you are on the tavern in Jersey, but I hesitate to judge the inside or out.

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