Theories Of Flight - Fates Warning

Pull the plug

Unfortunately, my newfound love of progmetal complete unresolved, and instead I'm sitting back with the feeling that this plate should never have been on to something. It is boring, teeth and in fact a step back compared to their last plate that could be classified as prog and had much more to offer. After 34 years, it should perhaps be timely to recognize the not go further, for there is nothing to come after here.

Warning lights

Fates Warning is a flagship in the field of progressive metal, it is said. Not with this album, I say. Prog is definitely to overlook this place røvsyge røvballerock, it almost does not has earned, I spend more time on it than I already have done.

While in ølteltet on Røvballerup kræmmermarked...

For I have REALLY strained me in order to find high the here unsuccessful attempt to live their sound up a bit. As a rule, are the most fun to write a review, when the plate is either really good or miserable – it is much harder when the music is dull. And it is unfortunately the case here. It stinks far away of afdanket rockstar on kræmmermarked, there is no substance in it, and when I look to my sparse notes through, I can see, it has been difficult to find something to say at all – both positively AND negatively. And it is there, I travel a brushes, for you will be death and torment could burn through with your music, whether it's crap or the second coming.

These are some talented musicians, no doubt about it, and the whole thing is quite nicely produced and polished and packed delicious, but it is a bit like the packages in the shop windows up to christmas. It looks damn good, but we all work together well, they are empty. Lead singer Ray Age has a half-dramatic vocals, but I think it gets a little tiring in the long run; he tries so hard to sound heartfelt, but ends up instead with the sounds constipated.

If I were to say something nice, which I can, so is the "Seven Stars" røvcatchy and offers both excellent drumming and a delicious solo, and "The Light And Shade Of Things" carries a little bit of touch of the gloom that characterizes the Tool. And it has been shown it. There are arguably more things around on the plate, but frankly, so drown it complete in the bland hard/heavy rock, they have decided to waste my time with.

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