Thy Messenger - Vader

Hors d'oeuvres or the crumbs?

It is difficult to say much about an EP that lasts 13 minutes, especially if you remember that a third of the time goes for a cover, which is not really impressive either. So on this EP you get is only a small five minute brand-new material, and it is thus not something that will something. It gives us not much more than a small taste of what's in store, but there is not quite enough, that evokes a real appetite – unfortunately.

No, I am your EP!

Some times people forget, perhaps, that there are other Polish metal bands than Behemoth. But betting the Nergal was only six years old when a bunch of teenagers from Olsztyn agreed to form a band. A lot has happened since then, and Vader has changed both the members and the style several times in the course of the last 36 years, but there is still time in the grey-haired poles! Thy Messenger is a fresh little EP consisting of five tracks, of which three of them are brand new, while the other two are a remake and a Judas Priest cover.

Frontman Piotr explained that they made the EP, when they were aware that their forthcoming album will still not be finished and released before the end of the year, so you should then see Thy Messenger as both a taste and an early christmas present.

A 13-minute wonder

If you are familiar with Capital style, so there are no surprises to come after. The music is still death-thrash with some speed metal ala Venom and Judas Priest. This is especially evident on a track like "Emptiness", where the guitar solo almost stinks far away of KK Downing or Glenn Tipton. Vader has never been a band that made the long or grandiose numbers, a fact the actual cementing of this EP, where gennemsnitslængen of the tracks are around two minutes – in fact the whole Ep is only about 13 minutes.

I am wondering a little about this EPs existence. Not just the pga. length, but also because it has already been published, to the new tracks yet to appear on a new album later in the year. Why not just publish the numbers as singles in the course of the year? Right must be right, despite numrenes minimal length, so is there really much on every single number, and one becomes almost a little breathless after having heard a number as the "Grand Deceiver". So it is not because you're bored, but you wonder now anyway. Nor do I understand, completely, why they have chosen to re-record their iconic number "Litany" – a number that certainly not fails something. But the new-recorded version seems tame and slow, almost neutered compared to the original from 2000.

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