Titancraft - Iron Savior

How to play Powermetal 101


How to play power metal, 101


Original originality


Iron Saviour has been in existence since 1996 and with 20 years of experience and an insane catalogue of songs it is apparently time to get cleaned up in the tray with the riffs. How to feel Titancraft in each case.


When one rests on the laurbærbladene

When a band has been around for many years, it is expected that there is a reason for it. Either they have refused to die, or they have not had a reason to stop. And it has always been the last of these two, as has been the Iron Saviours way of life, for they have always delivered a good product. At least until now, for Titancraft works simply for the motions. Numbers as the Way Of The Blade and Gunsmoke both have catchy guitar riffs and good vocals, but we will never come up, where you really feel that the sing along part is with. It is very straight on the road and without too many changes. One misses in the degree something more grandly or melodic or, to nøds, even something cliché, like you know it from many power metal bands. Followed a standard recipe to go a long way, and it is simply too boring to listen to. Strike Down The Tyranny comes close to something you know and therefore draw the dial a bit more in the direction of something that could be a cool plate. But "Titancraft" stands in stark contrast to both the "Rise of the Hero" and "Battering Ram".


We look forward to the next

Iron Saviour is wont to be a guarantor of the fed metal, and the rates I en on, that they too will be in the future. I hope, that this must stand as an isolated example of what happens in the Iron Saviour-the camp, when they become stressed over approaching release, or is hit by another pressure outside, the level should preferably be increased. This is a standard slice with standard songs, which is not vejrer away from the norm ever. Boring.



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