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To Fathom the Master's Grand Design - Horned Almighty

A occult outbreaks of fury

It is obvious to imagine that the Two Fathom the Master's Grand Design is fired during one long nattesession far down in a sinister crypt in a true occult outbreaks of fury. It sounds as if no one was shut out, before Beelzebub himself was satisfied with the infernal discharges. With Two Fathom the Master's Grand Design has not even Fluernes Lord something to complain about.

It was a dark and stormy night...

Bergen, 1992: In a strange case, meet Lemmy from Motörhead and black metal from Darkthrone a dark night – or was it even a case? What exactly happened inside the hell of a stave church, is not known completely, but it is believed that by the Beelzebubs unholy intervention was four little bastards, that later formed the aarhus-black metal quartet Horned Almighty. Do you think me not? So listen to their new album, Two Fathom the Master's Grand Design, which, exactly like the band's previous album, sounds like a malicious mix of Motörhead and Darkthrone.

Manic, untamed wildness

The record opens with untamed ferocity on "Violent Cosmology". The sound is dirty, and the pace is insanely high, while the Horned Almightys agonizing black metal pouring out of the speakers. The vocals are also more death growls than the traditional black-vocals, but it fit the perfectly to the death-style that is fast-changing with lots of change of tempo and quantities of cool riffs. The violent start continues with "Apocalyptic Wrath", where even fatter riffs and breaks, sitting right in the cabinet, to intrude. Apocalyptic rage is a utmost fitting title of a quite stunning number and an apt description of the whole album as such.

On the "Antagonism Eternal" are longer passages with a slower pace. It fits the album well, and the listener thereby get a much needed break from all the rage. "Devouring Armageddon" also offers a lower pace, but at the same time, more Motörhead-style, and it shows once again that aarhusianerne can other than just milling away. Check out for example the last part of the song, which almost turns into pure death-doom. High-level, as it is generally the case for the entire album, which continues with a mix of it, Horned Almighty do best.

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