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To Kill to Live to Kill - Manticora

Danish veterans in the horror mode

Manticora is a band, I occasionally encountered during my movements in the Danish metalverden. They released in 1999 their debutskive The Roots Of Eternity, and since, it has been 7 slices. From what I heard with the band, have – as far as I can assess – always been progressive thrashet power metal, where the band has refined their expressions continuously. Now is the band's eighth slice to Kill to Live to Kill ended up in my pile of reviews, then the set of in time:

After reading the biography, I can understand, that two months ago was released a 312 page long horrornovelle of the band's singer Lars F. Larsen, and that this will form the framework for two konceptalbums, where this is the first, and the next is set to be released for exactly one year. It all sounds like something of a mouthful, the band has started, and whether or not it is successful, must the the assess in a year's time, when, hopefully, also have got read the novel and heard the plate number 2.

The disc starts with a nice atmospheric intro, and after this goes the disc really in time with the track "Echoes Of A Silent Scream", which starts with a fine thrashet piece. I tips of the ears and is clear, there is, however, not so long before it slips over into something more stemningssøgende power metal, which might well be expected with the concept in mind. Singer Lars comes in with his clean power metal vocals and creates a very melodic mood. In between, there is a little halvgrowlet backupvokal in the song, in my ears, well be able to ditch the vertical.

Power Thrash Symphonic and a bit of doom n`gloom

In fact, I'm not at all on the first few numbers - it gets a little too polished and neat, but it so happens that something about the number three, "the Katana – Awakening The Lunacy", where the whole expression becomes a little more thrashet and direct, and the vocals sitting right in the cupboard. By the next issue, however, we are back in the more powermetalliske universe with a symphonic edge, and my musical erection drops a bit again. The track "Growth" catches my attention – it is a little heavier and at times almost symphonic doomet, and it fits really band. The track stretches over nine minutes, but they managed to vary it so much, it nothing means. There are also a few instrumental tracks on the disc, the second is called "Humiliation Supreme", and after two minutes of this and all of the album's riffmæssige highlight: The riff is so awesome, you don't get it! Then goes the band on "Nothing Lasts Forever" over in the doomede territory again, and with a beautiful pianostykke in the middle, they created some of the horror atmosphere, I think lacks a little in other places on the dial.

When to be picked up so..

There are a lot of good things about to Kill to Live to Kill. Excellent musical performance, especially Lars F. Larsen on vocals deserves a lot of praise. You can hear that it is tremendously experienced forces that are behind the Manticora. The production is excellent, as you might expect, when it says Jacob Hansen at – it is ready, and you sense a great synergy between the instruments. It is mainly on the last part of the disc, that it works best for me: Here it seems as though, the mood becomes more dark and horroragtig, which clothes the band. In general, however, I must say that Manticora will be a little too neatly for me, and the length of the dial also makes, that I find it difficult to comprehend it at once. Do you like Manticora, and in general is a sucker for thrashet powermetalliske effusions, so that the disc will certainly be a kæmpefedt purchases for the collection. I think it will be a great advantage to read the related short story, I will see if it can be managed within the continuation next year!

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