Totenritual - Belphegor

Whew, I think I must hear something with kitties now

In my view there are few bands today that sounds "right" is evil, but the austrian Belphegor can damn well still find it. Helmuts almost bipolar voice, and violently nedtunede guitars just works in one way or another. Normally I think, exaggerated satanic music is a little silly, but when it is so completed and done well, you can't other than to clap his small metalhænder, even if it means that you will find it difficult to sleep afterwards.

Hold shit, so I don't get!

Belphegor has always been a band I have been a little hard to take seriously, with their sometimes too overdrevene perverse and satanic sound that almost sounds like a parody of how metal sounds to people who can't stand metal. It was with mixed expectations that I sat down to hear their eleventh album Totenritual, but for satan as the, a bold slice!

Satanic and evil of hell to the

Frontman Helmuth has stated in interviews that he prefers not to put Belphegor in any particular genrekasse, and you can really hear on the Totenritual. Sonically is Totenritual a cocktail of the coolest from both black metal and death metal and melodic death metal, but there is also something more, something, I think, I haven't heard before, something that makes you get that kuldegysning, when some music is really good.

The album starts with "Baphomet", which is a classic blackened death-track and a great way to set the style for the high pace. Another song, "The Devil's Son" starts with telling the listener that he or she has the Devil in his flesh... yes, it sounds a little silly, but anyway, it makes sense for Belphegor, especially because this sentence will be followed by four and a half minutes of heavy evil, which surprisingly enough has a lot of diversity and beauty.

In my opinion, is the best song the third number "Swinefever - Regent of Pigs", which is probably one of the best produced songs I have ever heard. The production is simply as crazy crisp, and the song is so perfectly composed, that everything just goes up in a higher unity. The entire plate is just generally well produced, but it is especially on the "Swinefever - Regent of Pigs", that you can hear it.

With "Apophis - the Black Dragon" it all becomes suddenly a little doom-ish, and we get a small, fast kontraststykke on acoustic guitar in the middle of it all, which just shows that even though there is an underlying theme, two songs on the Totenritual not the same. "Embracing a Star" and the title track "Totenritual" are two coherent songs, which ends the entire album with a bang: first with the "Embracing a Star", there is almost a cosmic tribute to Satan, then with the "Totenritual", there is the emergence of the dark lord himself.

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