Trolldom - Fejd

Muddy folk songs from the svensken.

Swing and a miss

Swedish Fejd has always been a bit difficult to classify. Is the folk-metal or are they just people? But now, the Swedish quintet then set out to create even more mystery: What the hell are played/sung? Apparently it has been a big problem to make a good production of a slice of now a days.


Mumbling and babbling

Fejd usually deliver the goods. This reviewer was certainly a fan, both of "Eifur" and "Nagelfar", but they have completely lost the biscuit on this production. The music is "fine", Patrik Rimmerfors sing "fair", and the songs are quite nicely set up and executed. No controversy there. The production of the disc must in turn have occurred in the same way as the processing of the VHS tapes from the late 80's. Patriks vocals die sometimes completely in the background of the exciting instruments, resulting in that the only thing you can hear is "Mrrr, yes mmmm da mmm yes øøhhmmmro". I laughed out loud during the track "Svart", as it simply sounded as if he was trying to sing with food in the mouth - which is a big shame, because he sings well. The drums are not much to hear, it is actually most Lennart Spechs keyboard sound, which enters through. And it does so indeed. As a musical, Swedish 'sharknado' drowns out the simply everything else.

A little positive, however, the sounds for the numbers, where it is fully minimalist and toned down, there are passages that sound quite good. But unfortunately they are flawed.


It is a ommer

Unfortunately I can not recommend the "Trolldom" as an increase to the collection of good music. There are so many other good bands out there, which would be a better bid.

Fine passages, however, with a tendency for indifference, mixed with a very bad production, I hope, Fejd are thinking about an extra time before they publish something new.

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