Trust No One - Devildriver

Thanks for the ride

It is without doubt a nice album, filled with adrenaline and groovy riffs. The album in its entirety can not lift it up at the same level as their previous, but there is still plenty of edge and cool songs. "Bad Deeds" is as clearly the coolest number and really shines it all. But it is a very passable album, which, however, is far from any masterpiece. But it doesn't so much, for it is Devildriver and it rocks!

Devildriver is back in the driver's seat with more classy groove metal

Seventh album and the second album on Napalm Records

Since switched from Roadrunner Records, it has become the one album, namely, Winter Kills, which garnered huge acclaim and once again put the Dez and the rest of the band in the driver's seat in the world of american groove metal. Now they are out with their seventh album and the second album on Napalm Records and will try to continue the good streak they've had since their origin in 2003. I have always been a big believer of "If it ain't broken, don't fix it", which is also something Devildriver partly to have followed very well.

In Devildriver we trust

It is always important to get off to a good start and I must say that they manage to do with the "Testimony Of Truth", as in just one second burn themselves into the retina with a delicious harmonious and racy guitar riff and then it goes battle in battle in a brilliant Devildriver style. Dez' charismatic voice are a treasure on any number, but is lifted even higher by his amazing band, who really excels on this number. Where the first track has groove and great riffs in the forefront, so will the level screwed up for the hardness and intensity of "Bad Deeds". It is really a number which I from the beginning to the end would describe as a true Devildriver the number and it has got several replays on the plant. It has the here raw sound, which is just as impressive and devastating. The canned sound of the guitar at the beginning makes it just 50 % more heavy and brutal.

There are absolutely no lumps in the gravy on this album and it is really smooth down to the smallest detail. Where it still is going to taste a little strange, a number like "My Night Sky". The when no way to set the mood and intensity as there is to find on the first two numbers, and it satisfies not right after the else you have had a good mood from the beginning. But it will be, however, remedied, on tracks such as "This Deception" and "Trust No One". Dez's vocals on this album are as you expect and hope for, full of momentum and aggression.

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