Twisted Prayers - Gruesome

So many questions, so few answers

I think that Gruesome is phenomenal at what they do: namely, to try to be the spiritual successor to Chuck and Death. It seems that their vision is to re-interpret the Deaths classic album – an exciting and touching idea. It is clear that it is not made to plagiarize, but because they respect Chuck and his musical heritage, as well as genius. I'm excited to see what their plans are now: they Will continue to interpret the Deaths discography and thus develop their sound? Or are they going to rediscover the sound from the first album? The music will differ and in the long term, getting its very own unique sound? Gruesome raises many questions, and they have, definitely, caught my interest.

Death is death, long live Death

Gruesome originally started as a Death tribute band by the name Death to All. But as time went on, grew their popularity, and the members began to jam a little from spillesessioner, and in 2015 they released their debut album, Savage Land. Now they have posted the followup Twisted Prayers on the street. But how do you manage to be unique, while still continuing to want to be a tribute?

Leprosy and prayer meeting

Savage Lands was compared with the Deaths Leprosy, at the time it was released, and it says the band was meant to be. Twisted Prayers continues the style and therefore reminds most about Spiritual Healing. Here could be a crystal ball, as well as the ability to predict might say, their third album will remind you of the Human. It is not only the music and the production of Twisted Prayers, that gets you to think about Spiritual Healing. It is also the thematic treatment, coverbilledet and the title, which obviously is created so that you have to think of Deaths third album. Let us be clear, Gruesome not is Death, but it was never their vision; the vision has always been to pay homage to the Chuck According to which we are all lost 17 years ago. There should be no doubt that Chuck was a genius and a true dødsmetalvirtuos. His right we come enough never to experience again, but Matt and Daniel do really their best to try to recreate his guitar sound and iconic riffs and solos, which really is not easy, but it succeeds. One can not fail to think of "Chuck", when you hear the Gruesome, and to commemorate Chuck and his genius is always great. A prime example of this is the intro for the track "A Waste of Life", which is a wonderful hybrid of "Spiritual Healing" and "The Philosopher" (from Individual Thought Patterns). It, however, I miss, which might come in as Gruesome make more albums, is the progressive, jazzy and experimental sound, as Chuck mixed into his music on both the Symbolic and The Sound of Perseverance. But there are Gruesome does not come to yet. It is still the vulgar, and disgusting, in other words, the classic, dødsmetallyd, the offers, which also is sovereign, but I miss now the philosophical element.

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