Under Attack - Destruction

Same, same – but ...the same

Destruction has more good ideas now than at the predecessor Spiritual Genocide. This is due to the acc. frontman and bassist Schmier, that the album is made continuously in between turneaktiviteter, rather than a coherent studio session, why it contains more fresh ideas and more energy. Clearly, however, it is in the day, that it's Kreator, coming victorious out of the 80's the German thrash: How Kreator manages to play thrash metal, which is fair, but still differs from everything else, this continues the Destruction in exactly the same tracks as always.

Well played thrash, which sounds, as it usually is. Here is absolutely nothing new to come after. But "why fix it if it ain't broke?". It is more of the same – but it tasted more in the first place. Destruction has During the Attack made a standard thrash album that delivers beyond to deliver something new. As a result, the decision on the slightly boring 8/10.

Destructions teutoniske thrash follows the secure template that works every time – also this

The germans are coming – again!

In the'80s there were three big German thrash bands – the trinity of teutonisk thrash, if you will. Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. These three bands set the standard for the dirty, unpolished and pre-black-metallic thrash metal. Like virtually all other thrash bands in the world came to Destruction in a level of a dødemandsperiode in the 90's, but turned heavily back in the beginning of the new millennium, when the world discovered that thrashen was missing, and the gigantic and still rolling 2. wave of the thrash began.

During the Attack rider Destruction continue on the wave and has again released a great, gripping and headbanging-inducing album consisting of classic thrash, as it was written in the 80's, the Germany, with a production that is the present day equivalent.

Well-constructed thrash

Destruction have their version of the thrash metal been happy with the dynamics as a mean to underpin the chaotic and five. This is also the case of Under Attack, for example, begins with an acoustic guitar, which is slowly being built more and more until the complete thrash-culmination is exploding, driven by the vocals, shouting "UNDER ATTACK!". This instrument used a couple of times in the course of the album.

In addition, the album mainly characterized by the cool riffs, as for example on the "Generation Nevermore" or the highly successful "Conductor of the Void". The problem is just, that in spite of riffenes suitability are not particularly memorable. The big thrash masterpieces through the ages has contained riffs that stands out that is remembered and can be sung in best Beavis & Butthead-style. Unfortunately, this is not the case at During the Attack. How much I enjoy the riff, while the album sits in the plant, I can't reproduce a single one of them 2 hours after.

The plate is a little challenged in its length – it's not always about having the longest...

In each number is subtracted hovedriffet so far, it can – and then just a little longer. More numbers are than 5 minutes, and the individual is over 6, which very quickly feels like a very long time in thrash-land. The production is also quite fine: Guitar, bass, and drums are each especially out in the soundscape, so you can clearly hear what each instrument plays.

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