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Under The Wings Of The Aquila - Downcast Twilight

Russia offers check

A direct translation of the name of the band shows a relationship to black metal. That added up to depressive thoughts stored in a dark and obscure world. Even the illustrations published in connection with the band's first album gives also rise to belief, we are in the dark part of the metalverden. What we do know is that the country of origin is Russia, while the lyrics come from a Greek science fiction writer. There is laid up for something of the experience.

A symphonic journey

The concept Under The Wings Of The Aquila is the story about the roman people and the world they live in, delivered with a popular harmonic and interpreted by a Greek author. Yes, it sounds like something out of a game, but when it all goes in time, one becomes surprised by the flow and energy in the sound. The whole production testifies to the efficiency and professionalism rarely seen on a debut album, especially not when the band is as new as from 2015. It usually requires many years of cooperation and interaction between the band and the producer.

It helps that the same producer is a part of the band's grundlyd on the rhythmic guitar, and it can be felt. The more you go through the album, the clearer it is that the stories in the songs are incredibly important, and we have spent the time to to create the right items and even use the right voices and instruments. I feared that the convergence of people, black and death would create a strange hodgepodge of sounds that would not fit together.

It is not at all the case. One of the best examples is the closing track, "The Red Queen", where the interaction between the vocals of Hildr Valkyrie and basspillet by Chris Zindros creates a glorious and redemptive conclusion to a journey through roman society, as through the past 40 minutes is interpreted superbly by Vitold Buznaev with a detour on the "Death in Alexandria" where we see a hint of the female death metal voice, as the Arch Enemy has made so famous.

What ends up it so whole?

It is a complete album; great vocals, the music is performed professionally, and the production is, as I said, where it should be. It is a good debut album. Not a great album, nor a mediocre album, but good. And the debut is what I will manual me by. I give it six skulls, because I lack it, that stands out. The tracks on the album is different, yes, but there is not any one of them that stands out and can be a hit or simply be to define what the band actually stands for, and what they can achieve. At the same time is grundniveauet is not high enough to stand out, and the composition of the two widely different genres can do,that niche becomes too narrow. It is a debut album, where I hold the breath for two seconds to find out if the concept holds, or whether it falls to the ground.


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