Undying Light - Fallujah

Close up of something good, open up for something else

There is a big gap in the substantive grade from the previous slice to now. As usual, there is not a finger to put on the technical skills, nor the production, but I'm left with an empty feeling. Do you know the little Haribo bags, you even acquire to the net sum of a penny? Can you remember the feeling that it just was not enough, and most of all just left the same slikmave with a feeling of being cheated? In a figurative sense, this release is a uforløsende appetizer, and I should, therefore, not to be fooled to buy the small bags, because it is to listen to the Undying Light. It adds up to so much, but fall through by not supplying. Preserved, Dreamless was super explosive, where the here is more introverted, so it's not gone over his head on me, that they have worked on with their sound. I appreciate very much the introvert, but this is just... dull.

From the peak to the valley

Fallujahs latest offering Dreamless threw my anmelderkarrieres first 10-figure of themselves, and I fell especially in a swoon over the dreamy sound that permeated a heavy and melodic universe. Of course, I was curious as to whether they could follow this up with an equally accomplished release, even though it is reserved for the few that get top marks two releases in a row (I'm looking at you, Ihsahn). Therefore, it came as a bit of a shock, that they not just has turned down for it, which made their music so interesting, but practically have cut off all the individuality from the. The result is a røvsyg in the first place "progressive" metalcore, which can be best described as a waste of time.

Tongue out the window

"Is it not a little hard?", you might ask. And yes, it probably is. But it is not lie. Already from the outset, it was clear that what we have here is an album that is so kønsløst that it had a social security number, it would end with a question mark. Usually I greatly appreciate smooth transitions the numbers from. But in this case it is more about tracks each of which is so anonymous that you don't notice where one ends and the next starts. This is most applicable in the shift from the first to the second track, "Glass House" and "Last Light", where both numbers put up to everything I praised in the previous release, but none of them delivers the goods. "Last Light" fails rather miserably in filling the spacer with interesting riffs and gives instead the impression of being jammed while lead singer looking for his motivation.

And speaking of the lead singer. Between this and the previous release there came a new man behind the microphone, and though he did not stand back for his predecessor, is his contribution as matter as the music, it should go up in a higher unity. It is monotonic and undervældende and helps to make the album as a whole easily forglemmelig. The whole of the centre of the stands as in a fog, and I can't recall a single place where Fallujah actually managed to arouse my interest. First on the eighth cutting will bite in their music; "Eyes Like the Sun" contains delicious blastbeats and a little more of the guitar, that got me up in the red zone lately, and it is a pleasure after having listened to the equivalent to an extractor. Penultimate number "Distant and Cold" has a chilling cold and otherworldly vibe (a la Crosses/Deftones the White Pony, and I sense the zest that has been lacking all the way through – but it is too little, too late.

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