Unhumanized - Cianide


Cianide know their core competencies, and they stick to them. As such, it is Unhumanized the right album for the faithful fan. I, on the other hand, has been exploring americans ' discography and have been significantly more impressed by Second Life and A Descent Into Hell. Skills hold, however, Cianide anno 2019 from to create something directly boring, and there are several reasons to give Unhumanized chance.

The other three wise men

It is easy to see the pioneers as the wise men from a bygone era that created metalgenrerne and then to leave the earth in so very all the more destruction. But many of those pioneers are here, in fact, still; Cianide, for example, have played their thundering dødsdoom since 1988 – long enough to go from the pioneers of old-school and cult-legends. Since the EP Unhumanized was released 27. december, it came as a bit of a surprise, and since I had a vast knowledge of the americans in the past, it was an excellent excuse to get to know them.

Almost like it should be

"Sophisticated" has, as far as I know, never described Cianide, and the americans are also not out to reinvent anything. "Serpent's Wake" opens briefly with an exceptionally hard riff and puts otherwise the pace on from the start. Perun sounds scary murderous as always, and after hearing him, I wonder, that his name is not mentioned more often and with greater trepidation. The song moves through several tempo and riffskift, before the title track takes over with a heavy and unruly march. The number raller doom in every single riff and beat, and even svenskerstykket mid term sounds more heavy than anything else. The production is passable, though I often wish Peruns vocals further forward in the soundstage and lacks the organic warmth of the earlier albums.

But the question, all sitting with, of course, is: how is riffene? And the answer, I personally stuck with is: Both and. The songs are usually filled with riffs, but they seem easier and less impactful than at f.ex. A Descent Into Hell. Éntoneriffingen ruler already on the åbningsnummeret, even though the midsection will fix it with the heavy doom. Midternummeret "Weapon of Curse" is the weakest on the album, as a little effektløst riff gets a little too much of the playing time. "Traitors" brings together the album up afterwards with another solid dose of Cianides svenskerindflydelse, which is fun, as long as it lasts. As a general rule, missing riffene the same morbid mindeværdighed, as built Cianides status, and that ensures that people are talking about them here 30 years later.

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