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Union of Flesh and Machine - Blood Red Throne

A genuine dødsmetalmaskine

Up in Norway...
Blood Red Throne was formed back in 1998 in Bergen, Norway, and released debut album, Monument Of Death in 2001. Since there has been a sea of replacements in the herd, and several recordings for different labels, before their eighth album, the Union Of Flesh And Machine, was released here in 2016. Blood Red Throne have hardly a major presentation, as I strongly assume that the most with a penchant for death metal in the brutal end of the scale at one time or another, run into, or at least have heard about Blood Red Throne. If this is not the case, I can only recommend to get them checked out, because with this new initiative is truly voldfed death metal, which clearly has the potential to become the year's best death metal release in the year 2016!

A carnivorous machine!
Already when the first stanzas of åbningsnummeret, "Revocation Of Human Kind", leaving the speaker, and bless your eardrums in a brutal manner, no doubt, that there is talk about the quality of the high, high class. Cool riffs are delivered to perfection, and a rhythm section, which do not take hostages, get the whole picture to appear massive, intense and brutal – and without the brutality of brutalitetens sake. Blood Red Throne know how to build something bold death metal together, without it becoming too klichéagtigt, where you get that the-whole-is-the-heard-666-times-before-feeling. It is also not because it actually is innovative or especially original. It is just really well put together, varied with plenty of blast beats, heavy elements and catchy as hell. It is super cool to listen to, and that really made a wholehearted effort, that the general mood should sound as massive brutality, without it being too much, too little, or in any way takes the upper hand.
The integrated production and Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen's killing cool vocal style sends really dial up on a level where the musical brutality almost becomes a carnivorous machine – still with the finesse and flair for well-written compositions, of which "Proselyte Virus" and "Patriotic Hatred" are some great examples of this. It is, quite simply, death metal in absolute world class!

The year's best death metal disc? At least in my book!
Blood Red Throne has not only released their best album to date, they have also managed to screw the coolest death metal album anno 2016 together to almost perfection. I can only recommend that you check it out, buy it and maybe take a quick visit to Viborg Metal Festival 2017 and experiencing them live. They are simply all worth the money!

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