United - Dream Evil

Quantity is not always equal to quality

It is Sunday evening, and you must watch a movie before bed and a new week is calling, but what do you see? The media has good enough recommended the convoluted and very artistic movie, but the orcs are you? No, not in the evening. With one simple action movie, then run it.

If you can answer yes to this scenario, is the Harem Scarems new album may be something for you. The band has been around since 1991 and they have over 26 years released 15 hard rock albums. It is quite impressive, considering that the band had a break from 2008 to 2013. 15. record called United, and it contains so few surprises that it actually is a little surprising in itself.

I have not heard this chorus before?

Let me get this clarified immediately. It here band can write guitar riffs. If you, as a rockfan can hear the "Sinking Ship" without pulling luftspaden forward, there is something wrong. The middle east åbningsriff on the title track "United" is of high quality, and I could go on in this way. This is why it is such a pity that they have been so unambitious with omkvædene. They are actually quite catchy and easy to sing along with. The problem is just that they are the same. All together. The album's 11 songs appear so identical, that it could almost be a joke. It is probably not a joke, but rather an expression of the fact that the band knows what works. They are so good to write catchy choruses, that it has apparently been put on formula. The chorus from "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" and "One of Life's Mysteries" will forever be branded in my memory. It just gets so disturbing, when it is on the entire plate and thus directly become comical.

In small doses, thank you!

United is in many ways a one-sided and predictable plate, but my relationship to it is more ambivalent and complicated. The release contains so many cool elements that just is quite genuine hard rock. That is why it is all the more frustrating with the dramatic cliche-the chorus, which makes the plate almost inaudible in its entirety. The plate should simply be consumed in small amounts if you do not want the annoyance of these tunes, which get the Foo Fighters or Volbeat to seem edgy and varied. It is a rather special experience to hear United in its entirety, because it contains so many cool ideas that it becomes so very all the more frustrating that the repetitive chorus completely takes the focus.

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