Untaken - Pectora

Group work and burning guitars

Thus, it is often the two guitarists, Søren Weiss and Morten Nielsen, who is most passionate about through on this successful album. But Untaken is emerging as a solid piece of group work, Heavymetal.dk can highly recommend to fans of old-school heavy metal. Especially if the fans would like to see, that they are sometimes a little narrow genre-boundaries to be challenged a little in metallen. Pectora made a really strong album, one can only hope to be followed up with more concerts around the kingdom.

Traditional and melodic

As Heavymetal.dk notified the Danish Pectoras EP Redemption back in 2017, was our reviewer hard excited for their traditional but melodic metal. Now is the time to follow up on the promising bars with Roskilde-the band's first full-length album, Untaken.

Not just the NWOBHM-clones

Umiddellbart falls cover one of the eyes, for it signals in no way traditional 80's metal. Here are no muscular warriors, formidable weapons or caricatures blonde in distress. In their place, what one can best describe as a little black-metal atmosphere with a kutteklædt figure standing in front of a stone arch in a bleak winter darkness. The signals get you quickly confirmed, when listening to Untaken: Pectora have ambitions for far more than just being yet another group of NWOBHM-clones. In spite of this, is the opening and title track "Untaken" is now a serious game of heavy metal, as the models made in the dawn of time (to include in particular the inspiration from Maiden, Priest and Accept). We will, therefore, high pace seasoned with lots of changes of rhythm, melody, yell-with chorus and so really solid guitar-work.

The album's best cut is "The Danger", which, in some strange way manages to mix the Corridors of Power with Iron Maiden and Hardwired-era Metallica. "It's crazy", you might be thinking, but it works actually close to perfect when Pectoras flair for both melody and solid riffs are mixed together as here. The album's best chorus on the "No Regrets", which starts with a bluesy intro, which fits perfectly to the song's theme about consumption of alcohol in the supposedly fairly large quantities. Before the chorus we get another stylish now Load-like Metallica-riff, but when the lead singer Kenneth Steen Jacobsen sings "No remorse, I wake with up no regrets", etc. on yet another drinking spree, believe him not just. It marks simply the carpenters a hundred percent with him and has, in addition to a smashing headache, got something completely different on the brain: A melody in the top class, there just not to shake off.

Even on a less successful song as "the Unkindled Flame", raises a terrific c-the piece with the album's best riff the level up above the average again. The riveting of the c-pieces are a feature of the album, for once on time is delivered in long instrumental pieces, performed in the best of Iron Maiden-style riffs, grooves and/or dobbeltguitar of the highest class.

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