Uprise - Nemesea

Not so heavy...

I must admit that I doubt Nemeseas eligibility on the Heavymetal.dk. It is not metal, but pop-rock and an album filled with ballads. That said, it is well made popnumre and the sound is nice, but Mandas voice, and sometimes lacked the hooks draws significant down in this review. I had to choose, I would rather listen to Evanescence who manages to write much better within this genre and it is far more hard than Nemesea, which tells a lot. Therefore, Nemesea not more than 4 heart-shaped skulls. It is excellent pop-rock, but it has its shortcomings.

From symphonic metal to pop rock, this genreskifte is a reality for Nemesea.

Genremæssig rollercoaster

Nemesea have for some time figured on the Dutch metal scene since they formed way back in 2002 in Groningen. The netherlands is known for several great symphonic metal bands, among other things, Epica, Within Temptation and After Forever, which all have in common is that their frontman is, or was, a woman. The same applies to Nemesea and here is the beautiful Manda Ophuis. However, there is a big difference, Nemesea has been the symphonic on the shelf and thus the music becomes a popped game of feel good rock. This has been a major genreskifte, who probably will scare more of the old fans away.

Pop wrapped in well-produced rock

A new beginning and a new sound, how can the title of the new Uprise album interpreted. The sound is surprisingly nice, and the album seems well-produced. The sound is mild with a light game of distortion, overdrive and fuzz. However, it is quickly clear that this is popnumre, who could win his entry in a Dutch Melodi Grand Prix, where even Lordi would emerge as a far more heavy band and be maintained, of course, is the Finnish monsters not from the Netherlands, but you understand where I want to go.

The first single from the album is the track "Forever". We are talking here about a keyboard-driven sing-along ballad, there is hardly gaining much fame in the metal world, because the number quickly becomes matter and it has nothing hitpotentiale. Unfortunately it is also with several of the numbers, they're just being quickly irrelevant and you should probably look in the eyes, the best thing about Manda Ophuis is her appearance, as she is in the same genre as the more popdivaer: nice to look at, boring to listen to.

The better numbers on this plate are, among other things, "Time to Make It", which in turn is controlled by the keyboard, with a riff that partly works and I catch quite quickly hooket in the number (which is the chorus) is sung "Its time to make it ", etc. And in order to make more Melodi Grand Prix references, then modulates the number, of course, also in the end. Another number, I want to mention is the "Get Out", which likewise is filled with the keyboard and, in addition, have the number popping effects on Mandas voice and mans choir, which reminds me of the good old Kim Wilde numbers, however, of lower quality. This said, some of the numbers really works well, but it is so pop.

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