Vino Vidi Vici!

Fleshgod Apocalypse are Italian, a fact they are proud of. It has been obvious since they released their first album back in 2009, but in order to cement their Italian creator, began the after the third album, Labyrinth, to sell wine – red wine of course. Since Veleno does not quite have hit the stores yet, has not released a wine in the context of the album – maybe the name "Veleno" (poison) is not so suitable for wine. But when they are back in 2016, released their previous album, King, released a new wine called "The Fool", named after one of the more popular tracks from the album.

We have here on the got hold of a bottle of "The Fool" and thought that it might be amusing to taste as well as notify the wine and publish it together with the notification of the Veleno.

The wine is brewed from sangiovese grapes, which is the most popular and common grape used in Italy. The grape is also very popular in California and Australia and is originally from Tuscany. The wine itself is, however, brewed in the neighbouring region of Umbria back in 2009, i.e. seven years before the release of King, but funny enough the same year the band released their first album – so maybe it has to publish wine has been a part of their plan from the start? Sangiovese grape has a beautiful blue color and flavour, reminiscent of sweet sommerbær such as strawberries, raspberries and currants. But it also has a more pointed taste that makes you remember the liquorice and the fragrance of violets.

Alcohol content is 14.5, so we have to do with a full-bodied case, which sneaks closer to dessert wine than table wine.

The wine itself has a very reddish-brown color that most of all recalls the shades of color you associate with the port. The first duftindtryk, that strikes one, is the smell from the egetønder, as the wine has been in for 12 months, before it came in bottles. It is a wine that has a clear need to decant, you can't just drink it directly from the bottle, since it has a little sprittet hue, which need just to get a little oxygen.

But even after dekanteringen never will be a sweet experience. The wine remains acidic and heavy in the taste, you can really taste especially red currants and strawberries that are not quite red yet. It is clearly not a "bællevin", but an excellent wine for the food. I'm thinking it will go well for heavy meat dishes, which is to be found in both Tuscany and Umbria such as florentine steak or porchetta – meals, which, of course, must be enjoyed while listening to Fleshgod Apocalypse!

If you would like to acquire a bottle or two, they can be purchased via the band's webshop.



Resistance begets resilience

The last one and a half years time has been a bit of a game for the Italian Fleshgod Apocalypse. They lost their singer and rhythm guitarist, which forced the drummer and bandleader Francesco Paoli to take over the manager position, and so was all of their equipment stolen after a concert in Malmö. But with Franceso back at the helm, spritnyt equipment and a cooperation agreement with the Jacob Hansen is they are ready to present their fifth album: Veleno!

Hello neighbor, can I borrow a cup of heroin?

Veleno is Italian and means poison, so the theme is ready. The album is about all the torments we go through the whole of life, of all the people we meet, which is toxic to us, as well as all the things we fill ourselves with in order to make existence tolerable. It is the first album where they treat a word, or rather a concept, for any number of ancient myths about Theseus, or Prometheus – or builds a story around a renæssancekonge, whose paranoia drives him to commit rædsomme crimes. If you look at the song list, as well as on their new costumes, it seems as if they've stepped out of both antiquity and the renaissance (two periods, which hangs undeniably together) and instead entered the age of enlightenment, where the abuse as well as psychotropic substances really were tied together with art and creativity. With song titles such as "Absinthe", "Sugar" and "Veleno" as well as the Dali-inspired cover, you can not fail to think about the small, seedy cafes that sprang up all over Europe in the 1700s. Places where people smoke opium and drank absinthe while they discussed poetry, art, politics, and music – just listen to a tune like "Monnalisa", that exudes far away of heavy, gray opiumskyer and the sticky smell of anise. But now, it should not be too døsigt or dazed, for Fleshgod Apocalypse is still a hard-hitting bulwark of the connoisseur-death metal. They are not afraid to accompany a klaversolo with the drums, who have so much clout, that they could blow up the gates of Hell and release all demons and tormented fates out.

Their previous album was a tad maligned pga. the way they were mixed on. Either could not hear the classic, or was it for overshadowing. However, in order to avoid this, the italians allied themselves with the Danish Jacob Hansen, and the result is to mark. For it is managed to create a perfect balance between the silky smooth beauty and raw furor.

The red trevl in gobelinen

Veleno is a truly excellent and beautiful work. The italians have truly put blood, sweat and tears in the whole album – and the you can feel. Very few musicians manage to blend beauty and brutality in the same way as Fleshgod Apocalypse, and the music gets really allowed to shine through on the album. Everyone gets a solo or a fragment, as they can romp in, and it all smacks of profits but also razor-sharp precision and a very dedicated vision. The absolute only thing I am missing on the Veleno, is the red thread that binds together the 11 numbers together. It feels most of all as a pile of singles that have been piled up on a light a random number of unlike the previous album, King, in which the numbers hang together and thus gave a unique total experience. I acknowledge it is a petitesse, but I miss it now still. It does not, however, on the fact that the Veleno will be one of the strongest releases of the year.



Fleshgod Apocalypse – The Fool Wine 5/10

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