Verkligheten - Soilwork

Close on hat-trick

Start just to cheer: Verkligheten is a great plate. The production is crisp, the songs are catchy, and the variation is big. Soilwork are at a really high level, and it is the margin that separates this release from the sovereign predecessors The Living Infinite and The Ride is Majestic – both of which scored a top rated.

Made in Sweden

Stabbing the Drama, The Living Infinite, The Ride Majestic Soilwork has created a whole shoal of amazing album. Since the mid-nineties, the band has been a torchbearer for the kind of metal that can only occur in Sweden, and now they are ready with the plate number 11: Verkligheten.

The wolves are back in town

With Soilwork you know what you get: fierce verses, big choruses and a melody that reflux gets stuck in the memory. This is also what the majority of Verkligheten features: Bombastic tracks like "Arrival" and "Bleeder Despoiler" cements Soilworks status as the masters of the udi melodød. Everything is so, as it usually is – and however.

At Verkligheten we also meet a young band that dares to experiment more than in the past. It's no longer about playing the fastest and vredest, but to create dynamic numbers and melodious moments. Whether it is fronting the Violation and guitarist andersson's role in The Night Flight Orchestra, which has rubbed off on Soilworks 'new' sound, is not to say – the fact is that the boys have turned up for firserstemningen and the melodic elements. Enough, the music is aggressive, but on "The Nurturing Glance" and "You Aquiver" there is plenty of treble in the guitar, and Strife sings with a clean voice – we get even rebated in both the "Stålfågel" and "Needles and Kin"! The classic band mixed with the swedes, melodød provides a live album, where the listener is unlikely to get bored.

Guitararbejdet from Andersson and Coudret is, as usual, completely sovereign, and Breach delivers one of his best vokalpræstationer ever. The "Witan" he mixes effortlessly deep growls with a delicious and beautiful song, and on "When the Universe Spoke" is that both punch and power. On "Needles and Kin" is Violation down, in its lowest register – and as a small bonus delivers Amorphis' Tomi Joutsen is a great featured vocals. Strong number!

Even stronger is "Full Moon Shoals" and "Stålfågel". Where the former is dominated by a simple guitar riff and a catchy melody, pulling the latter the points home with his melancholy mood, and phenomenal vocals. "Stålfågel" is one of the numbers, you must hear a few times before you fall in love with it, but I can safely say that it is among the absolute best. Give it a chance – or five! Also is Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) with as gæstesangerinde. She is, however, almost impossible to hear. Hmm.

In 2016, the selected Dirk Verbeuren to switch Soilwork out with Megadeth, which meant that Jordarbejderne stood without a drummer. Verbeuren suggested quickly his student Bastian Thusgaard, Soilwork said, " yes, thank you – and what a good decision. The Danish lad fits perfectly into Soilwork and in all ways match the Verbeurens high level. Hear just the pace of "When the Universe Spoke" or groovet in the "Stålfågel". It is far above the approved.

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