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Victim Of The New Disease - All That Remains

So now what?

Oli Herbert is dead, and they have had to use a substitute for their tour. But is it so? Oli was one of the founders, along with Phil, and have always been a big part of their process of making a new album. So what should happen now? Unfortunately, we can only wait and see.

Victim of The New Disease is, for me, very anonymous. Missing simply some juice and power. There's something missing will to show what it is, All That Remains, can and will with the music. Lack of prospects, so that we can follow, what the next steps are. It has in the past been able to follow them in. This album works as an album, where you have used the safe framework and platitudes just to make something you knew worked, rather than to build on the progress, you have had time in on the previous albums. Therefore, they do not get more than five skulls from me in this place.

Death shall not determine the

In the shadow of the Oli Herberts death of the 17. October this year, released All That Remains' ninth album, Victim of the New Disease, which it is, that the band has lost one of their founders, the shadows more than what the music can tell. It is difficult to tell whether the music without touching the shade. I will do my best to relate to the music alone.

A decoction of the stupid thoughts

Phil Labonte is known for, in its texts, to write about his feelings and experiences, and he still does. But in a far less dominant way, in which, instead, is put more emotion in how the music works. You can say they have gone back to the roots, they knew where the were and how the worked. They have picked up and brewed a brand new type of beer, which they would show us the listeners something, perhaps we had forgotten that they could.

As Phil has said at one point: "We are a modern metal band". The opinion shows that the former have tried to come far from the days of traditional metalcore. They then developed the extreme to a more fierce and thunderous trommelyd, mixed with a voice that is so unique, that you can almost call All That Remains of the unique in their genre. This time enter a step back for the band-days.

Victim of the New Disease is so packed with elements of everything within the modern metalverden. There are things from heavy metal, punk, hardcore and everything else, which is already coming to the game in the first single, "Fuck Love", where we very quickly find out that the anger and deception can be a key factor, when love goes to pieces. And the feeling of deception and loss in most of the texts for this album.

On the previous plate Madness they had made a beautiful cover of "The Thunder Rolls", which is a classic countrysang written and sung originally by Garth Brooks. It is some of the most beautiful I have heard from Phil Labonte, and I was hoping that they would use the same type again on this album, so that we could have heard what he can with his voice. Something which I often miss, as it usually is full of garbage off. But I was disappointed.

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