Viktoria - Marduk

Don't mention the war

The fascination of the second world war is in no way the same as endorsing nazism or the ways in which it was attempted implemented. There are made an infinite number of works –musical, literary, visual – about all aspects of the war and its creature, and this is a successful example of the first kind. It's not about defending a menneskefjendsk position, but to be able to navigate in a fragmented approach to an artistic expression. If they don't like other peoples or acidic vingummier is in the nature of subordinate – it is the music itself that is central, and there is no doubt. Marduk plays the kind of black metal that has no mainstream appeal or otherwise packages things nicely, and paired with their tarnished reputation is Viktoria a complete and provocative game of propaganda, which is open to interpretation.

Maybe, maybe not

Marduk has been pretty much in the spotlight at the latest, and it is not only because they have knitted a new round of irate black together for us. It has never been a secret that they have flirted a bit with everything to the right of the middle, but still people were surprised when Marduk earlier this year was accused of having purchased various flyers and books about racelære from a well-known Swedish nationalsocialistisk organization. In the best Casper Christensen-the style was "benægt, benægt, benægt"card thrown, and left the guardians, dot org, smelled blood, and concerts were cancelled on the strip. But looking away from the guitarist and founder Morgan "Evil" Steinmeiers previous opinions on the pride of a officerbedstefar in the German army and focuses on the music, then the opa is not the only thing he has to be proud of.

Blitzkrieg black metal

A quick review of the song list reveals that there is nothing new under the sun, it is still nazi Germany, which is the primary inspiration. Åbningsnummeret "Werwolf" brings the sirens and blastbeats, and is an excellent representative of what you can expect from the rest of the relatively short plate: small 33 minutes, it gets to. On the other hand are exploited to the maximum, and a fighting spirit are in constant readiness. That will be served well-produced and well played black metal with blastbeats galore and buckets of frantic riffing, but it is, however, yet never monotonous. Everything that comes out of the mouth of Daniel "Mortuus" Rostén, without the slightest compassion, empathy or hesitation. The way he practically spits the words out in the mighty "Equestrian Bloodlust", cementing that he is the perfect match for Marduk; his sneering vocals fit like a foot in the bushy boot with the maskingeværsagtige guitarsalver that characterizes Viktoria. Here is nothing quiet and pensive instrumental number to shield against the constant it is in the distance of the antiluftskytsmaskineri, they call a drummer – to play well black metal.

The whole disc reeks of war. The focal point is a topic that is still controversial, and it is being carried out with a dedication that comes to expression in the form of a unified album. The vocals and its thinly veiled aggression rises and falls in step with a fast-paced and tight game terms, where all the instruments are adapted to each other. The bass gives the "Narva" its own distinctive character, to play an occasional, but extremely effective role, and the sudden melodic guitar contributes to the overall high level. Sound effects such as falling bombs and ladegreb is spent exactly enough times for it to not be trivial, but instead supports the mood of the hatred that drives the machinery, here we are served, translated into sound. In contrast to its primary source of inspiration, this album is considerably more successful. It is horrific black metal, it is a musical invasion and a thorn in the side of a great many factions. Marduk himself is skideligeglade. They do not deny that they have national socialist tendencies, but even though we all agree on what is right and wrong, we do not know what is true and false, and their reputation despite I can separate the product from the manufacturer.

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