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Wake the Sleeping Dragon! - Sick Of It All

But it is tiresome enough

The dragon is never really woken up on the "Wake the Sleeping Dragon". Missing something new and surprising for that to happen. But Sick of it All has managed to deliver a solid game hardcore, exactly as one can expect of them, which is definitely not bad. The probability for pulled new fans to, is not very big, but old fans and hardcore fans will probably perceive the "Wake the Sleeping Dragon" as a quite excellent addition to the Sick of it Alls quite excellent back catalogue.

Everything is still evenly tiresome

32 years have passed since Sick of it All proclaimed, they were evenly tired of everything – a statement that must be said to be just as stable as the band's lineup, which has remained the same since 1992. Koller brothers are, of course, the core, in addition to drummer Armand Majidi, who has been with just as long as the brothers, and the newest member is then bassist Craig Setari. Have you even the slightest idea who Sick of it All is, then one is not in doubt, what awaits one on the "Wake the Sleeping Dragon". It is politically charged hardcore from start to finish, where there will be a hit out to the right, to the right and now it is hardcore, more to the right, after all the concern, and things get said which they are.


But so difficult is it not

And it is not so few topics that get a comment with on the road. Animal cruelty, selfie-culture, fake news, and racism to name a few. Of course, the obligatory hardcore-songs about brotherhood, community and that adversity makes the strong. Pure matter, then, there is absolutely nothing new under the sun to "Wake the Sleeping Dragon".

A part of the lyrics is, however, written in a less serious tone, which it is not always going to be tough as its brethren and smash the system, but instead to see it all from a slightly cheerful angle, and be able to laugh at how bloody stupid society can be. Whether it is because the four guys in Sick of it All are about to be some old men, I don't know, but when the hardcore and it has to take itself a little too seriously, is it a nice break with the hardcore, who have a more relaxed approach to life.

This is not to say that the numbers have gotten a more relaxed attitude. It is highly energetic with "gang vocals", the numbers man can rant on, breakdowns and plenty of clout over the entire plate. In other words, in-your-face hardcore, as we know it from the Sick of it All. It is quite well written and an itch to scratch right where it should.

But it is also a little problem with the "Wake the Sleeping Dragon" – there is not really anything new about it. Sick of it All uses the same formula as they always have done, and frankly, could we well miss the one or another new and unexpected from them. Something that makes the plate stand out, not necessarily from hardcoregenren as a whole, but just from the rest of the Sick of it Alls back catalogue, and there are a few texts with a comic angle, not quite enough. It gets a little same-same, but not so different.


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