Walk the Sky - Alter Bridge

Seen we?

Alter Bridge drawers rarely – and it makes the " don't Walk the Sky. The americans ' sixth album is packed with potent hard rock, and only a few numbers misses or fails to make any greater impression: "In the Deep" is a little too tame and sweet, "Walking on the Cloud" seems rather directionless, but otherwise the framework Alter Bridge pretty much spot on. You may well start to delight you to the 12. november, where the quartet looking past the KB Hallen – for surely, we shall hear a number or two from Walk the Sky? I think it is.

Busy gentlemen

Are you into modern rock music, you're probably familiar with Alter Bridge. The american quartet has been in progress for 15 years, toured around the world and created masterpieces like Blackbird and Fortress. Now – three years after their latest record – they are ready with album number six in the series Walk the Sky, and the big question of course is whether americans can keep their high level.

The soft and the hard

Let's just get it out of the way immediately: Yes, Alter Bridge still provides the goods! Have you liked the band's previous releases, will be free to think about Walk the Sky, for the ingredients are the same – fortunately. Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall are the bulletproof rhythm section, Mark Tremonti serves hard guitar work and Myles Kennedy decorates the sound with his characteristic voice.

Just the mixture of Tremontis thrash metal and Kennedy's classic rock is what makes Alter Bridge for something very special. Hear just "Native Son", "Take the Crown" and "Indoctrination" – it is quite impressive; guitararbejdet is heavy and catchy, the vocals light and melodic, and together form the two the perfect whole. In addition, providing Kennedy a great vocal on "Dying Light", and Tremonti stands behind the microphone on "Forever Falling" – something, he for my sake would like to do even more. The man can certainly sing.

The largest hitpotentiale we find in the "Wouldn't You Rather" and "Pay No Mind". While the former takes the points home with its catchy riff and energetic chorus, calls the latter a little more getting used to: On the "Pay No Mind" experimenting the band a bit with the synthesizer, and in the bridge sounds Kennedy's vocals as one who plays on the saw – yes, sorry. After a handful of gennemlytninger change the number, however, totally in character, and I should like to admit that the "Pay No Mind" are among my personal favorites on Walk the Sky.

Other highlights are the energetic "Clear Horizon" and the evocative "Godspeed". Both intersections sounds unmistakably like Alter Bridge, and have you heard the chorus one time, you can prepare yourself to sing with the rest of the day. Whether you want it or not; the melody stuck.

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