Wanderer - Adrian Von Ziegler

German sky-inferno at the twentieth year

You can't belittle the German artillery

German Heaven Shall Burn have insulted in the last two decades, and they have certainly not become more happy with time, even though their previous album Veto secured them their best location on the international album charts to date. Three years after they are now out with their eighth studio album, the Wanderer, which, once again, must try to ensure them a place in the fine company. It is also the first time they have their newly acquired drummer Christian Bass with behind the barrels in the album-context, and let it be said immediately, that he, also here, making it really good. The rest of the band makes it also superb on this album. Especially the lead singer Marcus Bischoff has really stepped up his vocals and makes it extremely fabulous. It is not this year's release, but it is a Heaven Shall Burn in top form, and the band has obviously tried to squeeze them even harder, and it has resulted in one of their most brutal albums to date.

Relentless album from start to finish

Heaven Shall Burn have always made a point to start harmonious, for then to explode in the intense aggressiveness. It is also no exception on this album, but there are saved in various pianostykker and other frills in order to start out with a dish guitar before all hell breaks loose in a brilliant way. Åbningsnummeret "The Loss Of Fury" is one of the best åbningsnumre, the band has delivered in a long time. It is explosive, but at the same time, full of harmonious and groovy elements, which can really get one to budge. After the fine opening is there, true to form, springskaller in the form of a super bold and fast-paced guitar-parade. Being beaten through on the guitar as well as drums. There will be in the level not saved on dobbeltpedalerne, and we can damned hard to like! It is an incredibly accomplished and well-produced Heaven Shall Burn, we have on this album, it all cuts right through, and it is so delicious!

I'm a fan of the band, but my dedication has been slowly declining, since I haven't found their last few albums particularly satisfactory in the long run, so I was extremely skeptical before I sat down with this album, but it was really the legs out from under me from the first second. It sounds like Heaven Shall Burn and yet not. It all works incredibly well considered, and it fluctuates damn just in a completely different way than it used to be. Bischoffs vocals are always recognizable and has thankfully not changed much, but he gives it just a tad extra. It is, if anything, the trademark of Heaven Shall Burn and has always been incredibly dominant and devastating – in a cool way!

But would think that one devastating vocals was enough, but apparently not. For in the second half of the album are turned up for the heavy elements, and who download you so in order to make the devastation eminent? One caller, of course, to Mr. Corpsegrinder alias George Fisher from Cannibal Corpse. Number, here are are talking about, are "Prey to god", and where it is to be hoped, that God would not have listened. It is profusely as never before seen in this bands context, and it gives a super delicious twist to the contents of this album. It really makes anything for the experience. It envelops it all in a gloomy mood, which just fits damn good. With tracks like "Save Me", "They Shall Not Pass", and "Downshifter" is not in doubt that it is a Heaven Shall Burn, in absolute top condition. There is really put the work and soul in it, and it can be heard. They wanted to take them even longer, and my bet is that it was successful.

Ich bin, du bist, Heaven Shall Burn sehr gut ist

It is not without reason that this band can now celebrate 20 years of metalscenen, it demonstrates the Wanderer in a brilliant way. It shows a band that is not ready to give the baton to any of the many new bands that pops up in the moment. I would strongly recommend this album, and if you, like me, have lost the thread a little in relation to this band, so please give the new album a chance anyway. Heaven Shall Burn is German quality when its best, and the rewards I with eight magnificent skulls.

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