We Are the Ones - Susperia


We Are The Ones is a proper game of mixed sweets, where it is only a little less than half, that tastes good, and a couple of pieces that quickly spit it out. On the numbers, where style is the closest to the genre, we know Dee Snider from enjoying his unique voice and unequaled raw power. I are glad to have heard this album, but I also know that I'm not going to hear it again. I want to remember Dee Snider as one of rock's best voices, and therefore I will now pull all the old Twisted Sister down from the shelf and skamlytte it, so it will not be We Are The Onesthat appear most fresh in my memory.
Marks, there are some intersections that pulls against the ugly end of the scale, but Dee's voice draws powerful and potent in the opposite direction. We land on the six skulls.

The legendary singer is singing fantastic on messy solo album


As the mighty Twisted Sister are faced with one and a half leg in the grave, continues the iconic and tireless frontman Dee Snider, undaunted. On this third solo album, he has rottet together with composer Damon Ranger, which is known for its contribution to the blockbuster film "Pi's Life" as well as collaborations with Kanye West. This cocktail is made a right mess, mediocre plate out of.


"Heavy metal fans are not going to like this album". Such said Dee Snider, to the magazine, Classic Rock, immediately before the release of We Are The Ones. And yes, expect to uncompromising hard rock and classic heavy metal in the style of Twisted Sisters high standard you will be badly disappointed. The dial is a proper place piecemeal approach, which despite its only 36 minutes of playing time spread across ten tracks, manages to leave the listener pretty stilforvirret.

You are relatively confident after having heard the excellent title track and then the Billy Idol'happen "Over Again", which starts the disc. But before long it begins to get messy. Particularly the song "Rule The World" is a terrible game second-stadionrock, which easily could have been a Coldplay number. What happened there, mr. Snider? Then we get on the disc are probably the most interesting cutting; Twisted Sister classic, "We're Not Gonna Take It" – in the acoustic version with only a pianist to support our dear protagonist. How weird it must sound for all of us who love the number, it works actually surprisingly well, and it is also here, we get a taste of how insanely talented a vocalist Dee Snider is. This number is a must to listen to. If not in order to hear the different feature, as the number undeniably is, then, in each case, to hear one of history's best rocksangere give the full gas. It keeps the!

The disc continues with a handful of pretty unattractive numbers. "Crazy For Nothing" sounds so much like Foo Fighters that you would think it was snatched. "Believe" is a decidedly wicked number, reminiscent of the band Imagine Dragons, and finally the "Head Like A Hole", which, exceptionally, is a very good cover of a good NIN-number. The question is just, how you have come to find that this issue hangs together with the rest of the album?

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