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Where Shadows Forever Reign - Dark Funeral

Fanboi? Oh, yes!

My love for Dark Funeral is very much flamed up with this release. The band shows just exactly how tremendously brutal black metal must be executed, so that it remains exciting and not only is brutal for brutalitetens sake! I think it will be hard to find a black metal washer in 2016, coming in the vicinity of this – in my world. Hurry in to the link and listen to the title track... and the place for god's (Satan's?) guilt feel to the vocals!! A fanboi is reborn!

Comeback second to none!

Dark funeral of all what holy is!

It is many, very many years ago, I stopped to listen for when the Swedish Dark Funeral released a new album! I loved the first two releases, and especially The Secrets of The Black Arts has today a very special place in my personal black metal canon. But after the followup, Vobiscum Satanas, has my interest been able to lie in a very small place. But in 2015 appeared suddenly a single up with two new, totally amazing songs on: namely, Nail Them to The Cross and the Temple of Ahriman, where the band suddenly sounded completely revitalized. The single also presented the band's new vocalist, Heljarmadr, which has entered its shoes in the bands, Domgård and Cursed 13. A for me completely unknown vocalist. He labored through with a bold, it is actually quite typical black metal vocals, but his way of frasere is just better than average. So, after having råhørt single I was seriously curious about Dark Funeral through an entire plate could again be a band, I would be a fan of... and fucking yes, because...

DARK FUNERAL is back... seriously!

It is simply so awesome when a band you like had given up on, suddenly returns to storformen! And that is exactly what Dark Funeral does with the Where Shadows Forever Reign! Here, they come with a dial that is very much leaning against the ancient strength, and dare I say it; in fact, it comes near The Secrets of The Black Arts! The band is in no way compromised, but is still fiercely brutal, fast, dark and evil, and riffene is just insanely powerful through the entire plate. Working with floating melodies over a tæppebombardement of grind'ed drums – exactly like Dark Funeral should do, when they are best. And on top is Heljarmadr with its cool, catchy vocals and the stoppers even more atmosphere down over the music. The disc presents one cool track after another, and in between goes the band is also in mid-tempo mode, and lets the heavy, trampende riffs manage. It provides a formidable power, because it brings violent much catchiness into brutality. The production on the disc should also be mentioned: delicious and ready but still dirty enough that it does not become fesent. And as an extra bonus to you guys who are still buying the disc in physical form: just Check out the Necrolord-cover... it just gets no better!!

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