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While They Were Sleeping - Candiria

How many genres can one album contain?

Many, it seems. Also without compromising the quality and the general impression. With a production step in the right direction is Candiria stronger than ever before. However, there is still some way to go before the band can truly begin to measure up with the modern metal pioneers. For a large step on the way there and a musikmæssig experience may 7/10 heads let life in order to represent the variety of genres, Candiria juggle.

Far-travelled 90's-the band develops albumlyden

Candiria has, since 1992, experimented with a fusion of alternative metal, post-hardcore and jazz. The band with the variety of genres is, however, never moved beyond the underground environment. This is because, in addition to the very alternative genrekombination, a lack of sound quality on the first several albums from the group. With the strong 2010 release, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, reached the sound quality to a higher level – a push toward the modern metalscene. Since then, however, published two not so good albums, so now is the exciting, on Candiria continues the recession or again is ready to move up.

Creative genrekaos succeed with good production

The album starts with the title track "While They Were Sleeping", which opens with a very aggressive, hardcore-style. Not the usual hardcore-style, where they the same four chords are repeated, but a progressive version of the genre, which especially becomes evident by a passage in one minute in the song. This style, which perhaps is the closest you can get on a red line in the Candirias styles of music, being again interrupted by a scream a few minutes later. The song's breakdown stops abruptly in favor of a jazz-inspired bass line. This leaves one with the mouth standing open. With a very natural structure of jazz music to end up this out in a last outbursts of anger from the frontman, who ends the number.

This incorporation of the alternative pieces in the songs is generally great for Candiria. Genreeksperimenterne are not just randomly thrown into the songs, but gets to the natural transitions in the tracks, which increases the cohesiveness of the site in order to create chaos. The music moves from groovy, nu metal-esque rap-passages, over metalcore breakdowns, to poppy and jazzy clean sections. It makes the album extremely varied, and the riffs and melodies are reused rarely. However, there is a red thread through the otherwise very different songs in the album's lyrics. The lyrics tell namely a coherent story about the woman Mereya, if the name is repeated in several of the songs.

An important reason for the above elements is going to work better than on the previous albums, is the improved sound. The sound quality and production, which has been Candirias biggest challenge, is on While They Were Sleeping not perfect, but nevertheless, the highs over much of the band's earlier material. This helps to end up sitting to budge with even the most mysterious signature. The good composition and the sound is the reason why the experiment doesn't fall apart.

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