Who Do You Trust? - Papa Roach

Unfortunately, a svipser

With the 12 songs that are on the Who Do You Trust?, I had hoped for more of the traditional Papa Roach sound. In any case it is what you expect – to celebrate, it achieved until now. But we did not, unfortunately, in this game, and this reviewer hopes that we do not end up in a place where there just shot plates out to make money, but to actually try to do something with his music.

Unfortunately I can not give more than six skulls for this album. The record is well produced and the music is really good enough for a debut band. But for a band like Papa Roach, is there not enough development, and the willingness to be able to shake a better character in this game. It disappoints in its entirety – and the fans can only look forward to the next album and hope for the best there.

There is talk about an anniversary?

We have reached the 10. studio album from Papa Roach, and as a longtime listener, there was an expectation of some anniversary or perhaps a collection. But no, Papa Roach chooses to work on with their evolutionary verdensgang and produce 12 brand new songs, where everything is strange.

With 16 years of experience and very little replacement in the band, know the band, each other, and can thus easily work towards something new and exciting but at the same time preserve the spirit of it, that is Papa Roach. With The Who Do You Trust? it seems that they have moved a bit away from their original nu-metal genre, and now actually find themselves in the actual rockverden.

Is the journey about to end?

It, I always have benefited by Papa Roach through the years, is their ability to spit hits out. On Crooked Teeth , it was "Born for Greatness", in F. E. A. R , it was "Falling Apart" and on Getting Away With Murder , it was "Getting Away With Murder" and "Scars", but on the last here, I am missing a hit.

I can't get it to recognize that Jacoby as always sings great. The music is also good, and the interaction between the four boys is still just as wonderful. The plate is just as long, as it will now have to be with a good 40 minutes, and the songs that are on, are razor sharp. I just miss the hit, which must be the reason that I hear the plate again in two years. It does so simply, to the memory of their tenth studio album – a jubilæumsalbum – remain in oblivion and not is something we fans will remember in the future.

In that I think the album is anonymous and thus also a bit boring, I would wish that they had taken into consideration that this album should have a special significance for their fans. Maybe spent more time on their traditional instruments than to experiment with a new approach

However, it should be said that the disc is quite good produced in itself. The sound is sharp, the instruments fit together and the order of the numbers is well-composed. Give the plate some time, so it's not bad music ift. what we know Papa Roach can do and achieve, but it's just very anonymous and bland. There is not something of the edge, as they usually are good to get into their songs.

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