Will to Power - Order From Chaos

Girl power

Will to Power is Arch Enemys tenth studio album but only the second album with Alissa White-Gluz, who replaced Angela Gossow in 2014. But before that you, dear reader, will set you too much up and begins a rant about how, how and why to Angela was just a billiard times better to sing, scream, rant and dance, than Alissa's, I can reassure you that the delete is not what this is about. This talk is foolish and superfluous, as it is, like it or not, Alissa, who is frontkvinde now. Over, finished, boom! What, however, is relevant, is the fact that Alissa makes it piss well on the Will to Power. She growler, grynter, groans and sings with an infernal energy that all the days have been a synonym for Arch Enemy. Also is Michael Amott in its ace on this disc. You can think what you will, about him and his bombastic and pompous guitar, but it does not change the fact that if there is someone that can write riffs that you can sing along with, therefore, it is the Amott. So from a purely musical point they are still just as explosive as always, and they have chosen to retain the more melodic and almost playful sound from War Eternal on the Will to Power, which makes that we are purely categorical are out in a mix between svenskerdød and power metal. It works really well, but does that Arch Enemy does not quite have the same furious sound as in the past – e.g. Doomsday Machine – which you miss a little on some of the numbers.

Red Front

This is not a reference to the Amotts hair color, but the fact that Arch Enemy is still just as punk and political, as they have been all days. Will to Power could easily have been the soundtrack to the G20 meeting in Hamburg, or the time when the Ungeren was leveled with the ground. Arch Enemy has some positions that they udbasunerer for full pedal – just read the text of "The World is Yours". It is a bold comment on how one can easily trump the post-modern and post-factual society to stand together and be smarter than magtindehaverne, all the while "The Eagle Flies Alone" is about daring to say no to the established society and be strong in themselves. It is two messages, which – perhaps – is easier conflicting, but here we must remember that the songs not linked and, therefore, does not tell one story, but a number of different messages, as the band themselves think is important in the year 2017. Alissa said recently that the world has a need for extreme music, as it is an extreme world we live in. Therefore, people need to be able to express themselves in extreme ways. I personally like it when a band has weight enough to throw their opinions down in the music, and it makes me not that big, what their opinions are, so long as it is not the kind of positions that involve genocide and a little too high knæløft.

But, but, but!

When all else is said, it must be said, however, that the disc is not their best album ever. It is certainly not their worst. Will to Power has a number of amazing songs, a number of mediocre songs and some numbers where you think something in style with: "Why?!". For example, two out of the eleven tracks are just instrumental intronumre, which in itself is totally unimportant. They should either have been described in other numbers instead of independent numbers, or should the band have slapped them together and so made a real instrumentalsang – as, for example, they did with the song "Hybrids of Steel" from the Doomsday Machine. Other numbers, such as "The Race" and The "Reason to Believe", is simply boring, despite the fact that they are trying something new; on The "Reason to Believe" sings Alissa completely clean. She sings excellent, but why is the number still boring. Conversely, tracks like "Murder Scene", "The World is Yours", "The Eagle Flies Alone", "Blood in the Water" and "First Day in Hell" completely brilliant, and I am thinking that they will work brilliantly live, when the people are given the opportunity to rant with the lunke and too-expensive beer raised high, while they are salivating over Alissa, giving the max gas!

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