Winter's Gate - Insomnium

The experiment live
Excuse me, but since when is a vikingemetal band started to go drone in the flower beds? Before you lose your longswords in the bar shock, let me reassure you that the only thing they have nappet from the special genre, is the length of the numbers. Or, in this case, numberone. Of Winter's Gate is one of the vast number of about 40 minutes, and though it provides some challenges ift. to choose his favourite tracks (spoiler: you can't), you can easily bear with their experimentation with the format.

Opeth Amarth
There are plenty of yndlingspassager to choose from. In order to get it here to go up in a higher unity, the content is fantastic, and well-chosen combination of melodød, vikingemetal and even a little accessible prog (a la Opeth, pre-Ghost Reveries. The whole thing reeks of atmosphere and the joy of playing, and as a listener, one is not in doubt, there really is spirit in it here. Normally one would, as a reviewer, to highlight individual numbers as being an album highlight; something that for good reasons, is not feasible here. However, there are several places on the album where I stopped and had to listen intently and then used appreciative of their abilities not only to knit the passages together, but to get them to hang together without sacrificing the big picture.

But it is not only the experience of the music, which helps to make the Winter's Gate for a special experience. For actually works as a soundtrack to the story that carries the whole concept. When you obtain the Insomniums latest offering, a little short story, which tells a story, which not only is about to plunder and ravage. Of course there is the skeleton for the viking reputation for ridding the various monasteries in the southern country for their earthy and golden goods, but this is not just a story about the acquisition of wealth and honor. There is woven a supernatural story into a fairy tale, seen from multiple angles – something that makes the saga more lives, than if the story was just told in verse.

Before GPS and DMI
And it helps to make this disc so damn interesting. The story of a group of vikings ' inadequate knowledge of local weather conditions and the mythology is underlined by the band's ability to switch from clean vocals, added to the dreamy solos, to dobbeltpedal and melodic thread. This here album contains almost everything the heart desires of the classic Amon Amarth-inspired vikingemetal, to the gentle klaverpassager, which underlines the fast-paced passages, which turn imperceptibly slides over into both black metal-inspired drumming and almost ambient prog – anything that helps to make it one, to times, epic experience, which, however, never becomes a parody of the genres they so efficiently stitched together to form an album that constantly surprises.


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