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Witchtanic Hellucinations - Acid Witch

Old School Doom, with Death Metal twists

Acid Witch is a Doom Metal band from Michigan in the UNITED states which was formed in 2007, consisting of Lasse Pyykkö, Shagrat and Slasher Dave. The band is inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Autopsy, Venom and horror movies and soundtrackene away. They are now out with their latest album, Witchtanic Hellucinations , as I have listened through. Yes much more is there to say about the band, they do not have a facebook page and their website is just not good enough. All of what I've been able to find about the band from their myspace profile, where there has been particularly much in a long time.

Here is a band which plays Death/Doom Metal. Death elements come forward in the deep gutteral growl vocals, as well as heavy Death Metal riffs, accompanied by slow drumming and bass, known the father of Doom Metal. The album is a solid mix between Doom and Death tones, with some old school shades. Hues reminiscent of the elements, for example, you find in bands like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath. Moreover, the very use of effects, such as cauldrons scream and laugh, to create the right Halloween mood. It all sounds pity good, but it is not something that appeal to me quite a lot.

For me is here all in all, talking about an above average album. I really like the little Death elements on the album, but as such, it is the. But for now to mention it again, I'm not the biggest fan of Doom Metal. Check the album out if you like Doom Metal of the more old school kind.

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