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Wolves Among the Ashes - Svart Crown

Patience pays off

Wolves Among the Ashes is a really exciting album with many interesting facets as well as elements. It is an album that grows on one of each through listening in the same way as a good wine only gets better the longer it is allowed to oxidize. M But just the fact that the album only gets better the further into you get, make that the two intronumre pulls the rest of the album down But, despite the slightly relaxing intro, then is Wolves Among the Ashes is still a strong and exciting work.


I must immediately come clean and admit that I had never heard of Svart Crown, before I got stuck this album in hand, but after a quick look at their metal archives profile, I could see that their lyrical themes are referred to "decadence, blasphemy and perversion". If the three words do not constitute a kind of trinity with you, dear reader, yes, so you will need to a tremendously retraining. Wolves Among the Ashes are the French bands fifth album, and according to the band themselves inspired by at the time their vocalist Jean-Baptiske visited the "Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan, a crater that has been burning non-stop since 1971. Jean-Baptiste saw this as a vision of earth's destruction and the divine karma that will no doubt hit us poor, poor people soon, and with these thoughts in mind, he turned back to the study, overall the rest of the band, and here is the result so!

Doux Chaos

Svart Crown describes itself as "blackened death metal", but Wolves Among the Ashes is more than just that. It is almost too polished to be any kind of black, and its chaotic elements as well as the use of breakdowns does, that we are almost out of something blackcore/postblack with tiny elements of something industrial. But the music is almost too chaotic to be put down in a genrekasse, but bleak... this is It!

The French have always been good to take the darkness and make it attractive and even charming, and this is exactly also the case here with the Wolves Among the Ashes. No matter how heavy and chaotic it is, so it is attractive as a sirenesang, and unlike Odysseus, I would not want my ears filled with cotton wool. I want to sail directly into the rock upon which the Svart Crown play – cost what it cost will. If YOU can resist a tune like "the Art of Obediance", then you are a better man than I – or are you not a man!

Enough is Svart Crown, a band with black metal roots, but it is not the classic "Satan is my best friend"-black, by contrast, the more introverts, personal and human black metal. Ie. music tied up on the pain, suffering, and more mundane issues such as inferiority complex, sexual frustration, and a lack of identity in the postmodern society. If one must assume the "Danish angle", so you can compare Svart Crown with Redwood Hill, who also manages the internal and personal chaos, rather than a modern interpretation of The Divine Comedy in which the Good fought the Evil. Just take a number as "Down to Nowhere", which exudes far away of post-metal, and very, very little of the death and black metal.

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