World Inferno - Entrails

Generic and uninspired

World Inferno left no impression on me at the first listening or fourth listening for that matter. The album racing by, with constant pace and running straight on the road. Its tonsende crashing through the listener's skull can almost be called a boring experience.

Entrails are on the single track again

The Swedish metal band from stockholm Entrails are now ready with their fifth album. Their back catalogue includes albums such as Obliteration (2015), which received overall positive reviews. Entrails' sound is a nostalgic look back at the old school death metal, which can be refreshing in an era where the melodic metal genres such as metalcore is relatively dominant. The Swedish dødsmaskiners discography has always had a red thread and not left new trends have an influence on their sound. The red thread unfortunately means also, that the Entrails have not evolved especially since their first disc...

Fe' die' – but the more is it not

If you expect an innovative album in death metal, so be ready to be disappointed. Entrails is not a band that is known for writing one groundbreaking album after another. Their role is to play with a form, in advance, works quite well. They can figure out how to make vicious and cruel Swedish death metal. It is, however, no excuse for making a generic parody of themselves, which they have managed to make on the World Inferno.

World Inferno's overall sound can be summed up in three statements: tonsende, jordskælvfremkaldende and lack of dynamism. Entrails' fifth studio album, is dirty, muddy and not the least heavy; partly due to guitarlyden, that can only be created by the legendary guitarpedal BOSS HM-2, also called "The Swedish Chainsaw Tone". It is a distinctive sound used by several pioneers of the Swedish death metal such as Entombed and at The Gates. This sound opens its doors for extreme and brutal riffs. Unfortunately, Entrails chose to write some riffs that are straight to oblivion.

With song titles like "Insane Slaughter", "Suffer" and "Serial Murder (Death Squad)" there is no doubt about which lyrical universe we are moving out in. I really can't say anything else than: "Yawn"... It feels as if they have written the same song 10 times and given it different titles, so the album could last 46 minutes.

To World Inferno's defense, I will say, however, that it is an intense slice. The production is full-bodied and gives a blow in the kidneys. The drums are one of the few elements that makes an attempt to make the plate dynamic. They can go straight from a groovy and slow style to the blast beats with the force of thunder. However, unfortunately it is not enough to save the plate

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