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You Will Never Be One Of Us - Nails

Nails manifest themselves as standard bearer for the modern grindcore

Nails playing hard and loud, so beware – for they show no mercy!

Nails are a trio consisting of Todd Jones (vocals/guitar), John Gianelli (bass) and Taylor Young (drums), who since 2009 has released two fuldlængdealbums, an EP and now releasing their third album, You Will Never Be One Of Us.

For those who have not yet become acquainted with the band, so it is a grindcore band from California, and they play so tossetungt that your ears starts to bleed – some describe even their music as the tinnitus-inducing! With its heavy compositions and deadly growls chasing this predator you and leave you lying wounded on the floor.

The above is of course written with the deepest respect for the band, which is ravaging eardrums the world over with their modern grindcore.


You will never be one of us! Doubt, in fact, also if I dare

The album opens with the title track, "You Will Never Be One Of Us", which starts a little freaky out with a lot of votes – on top of each other – says the title of the song, before the band sets in with their raw, dirty and evil wall of heavy riffs. Todd's brutal roaring voice fits perfectly with the rest of the ensemble. The melody has a groovy rhythm that has no hardcore in it, and which with guarantee will get your head to nod up and down.


"Friend to All" is a forty-five-second grindcore-monster, which starts insanely angry, but before you know it, slip the song in some change of pace and ends at the entrance to the five intro to "Made to Make You Fall". The aggression, the plate is out of, is sustained through the entire album, where the band introduces many variations in the songs composition, which makes it quite interesting to listen to the album many times.


Tracks like "Into Quietus" and "Savage Intolerance" slipping briefly over in the thrash/death metal genres where the songs are more groovy, and the tempo is lowered a nøk or two. Of fear of being called poppet, so I think, that it clothes, Nails, when they are moving in the borderland between traditional grindcore and nearby genres like hardcore, thrash, and death metal.


The album's last song, "They Come Crawling Back", is again one of the numbers that sticks out, since, with its over eight minutes is somewhat longer than the shortest in forty-five seconds. The band will not limit the genres, which the song is a clear proof of that. The song starts up slowly, before Taylor comes in with his drumming, reminiscent of a part of Donald Tardys from the Obituary. The song is somewhat heavier than one would otherwise associate with the band, and it is far from their normal sound, but again so give it some renewed fresh energy to the songs.


"Violence Is Forever" sums up very well what is the message the Nails will forward with

With only 19 minutes and 30 seconds smashes the album your ears and enriches you on all your senses, so you would automatically play the record again and again.


You Will Never Be One Of Us get 9 skulls, and Nails manifests itself as the standard bearer for the modern grindcore, and adding new elements in their musical style, which with guarantee will evolve in future releases.


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