Youngblood - Audrey Horne (NOR)

Solid, but eerily ensformet album.

Audrey Horne are a Norwegian hard rock/grunge band, as bl.a. have Ice Dale from Enslaved guitarist. The band has released one EP in 2005 and have since released three full-length albums. Now it is time for their fourth album, Youngblood.

The album starts out with the song "Redemption Blues". The song captures quickly the listener, and especially omkv├Ždene, one will immediately recognize when they come again. It is very much out of the road and gives a feeling of driving down the highway in harley-davidson.

The next song "Straight Into Your Grave" is very much in the same style as the first; good recognizable riffs, rocking drums, a lead vocalist with attitude and, not least, the chorus you will be able to remember.

As you get further into the album however, one will discover how ensformet it really is. The songs on the album, sounds much the same is of course positive, as the band shows they have found their style, but Audrey Horne's Youngblood is doing it also, however, that the listener will not be able to point one particular song out from the crowd, and it pulls very down on the album.

Youngblood is an album I never even could find to buy, but I must acknowledge that the album has a good atmosphere, but also a mood that belongs more at a bar than at home. And as the ninth song on the album, "This Ends Here", alluding, as it should really, also. But unfortunately, there are ten songs on the album.

Trakcliste 01. Redemption Blues 02. Straight Into Your Grave 03. Youngblood 04. There Goes a Lady 05. Show and Tell 06. Cards with the Devil 07. Pretty Little Sunshine 08. The Open Sea 09. This Ends Here 10. The King is Dead

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