Right on the border on the surreal

Negură Bunget is balanced with the release ZI on the border between wrong and brilliant. The band jumps out in the borderlands and challenge the well-known sound, which works great on parts of the album, but some passages are falling into the bland abyss, and might seem excessively long for the average listener. You can take these as an experience and enjoy the creativity in the incredibly well-functioning pieces that also radiates out of the band, you can definitely get a great pleasure of ZI, which scores 7 out of 10 skulls.

The latest Romanian lydkombinationer

Negură Bunget is a Romanian black metal band, that lets the roots shine clearly through in the music. Eastern european mysticism and mad experiments are mixed on the band's releases, as the counter part of the albums. The current release, ZI, is the second release with the current lineup, in which there is only one original member left, the drummer. A lineup, however, with the album Tau revived Negură Bungets timeliness on top of a bleak period and now is ready with more good from the Romanian forests.

A journey of discovery, both musical and cultural

The first sounds, to be presented at the ZI, is the monotonous repetition of a handful of notes played on the horninstrumenter in a disharmonious combination. Slowly rebuilding is accompanied with the a little confused the horns of a chants of the song title "Tul-ni-ca-rind", which probably best untranslated. This mysterious cocktail of an intro must be endured in the close to four minutes, before the song jumps out with distorted guitars and crosses the border between lydeksperimenter and progressive black metal. This continues in the next track, "Gradina Stelelor", approaching a little more recognizable sangstruktur for the genre. Here are hiked up for the variation, and there will be more classic black metal sound in the game. The whole arsenal of the different folk instruments are presented in the long numbers "Brazda As Foc" and "Marea Cea Mare", where they contribute to the band's mystikfyldte mood.

The rest of the album continues this hiking between the firmly entrenched popular belief and eksperimentalmusikkens chaos. Sounds of unknown instruments and effects, as well as an atmosphere that brings one directly down in a national mind, which is very far from it, you know. Here it is not viking raids and drikkeviser, but mysterious monsters and the descriptions of the spellbinding Romanian nature, dug out of the national mind and with a mixture of growls and serious song to be put on the verse. You realize as a listener, a culture, who most likely is just as foreign as the band's song structures.

Compare one album with the band's previous presentations, is the soundstage and the quality is top-notch. Simultaneously you see a band that in no way has run out of creativity. Negură Bunget continues to explore a genre, whose unique style and story has lots to offer, and it is very few who will be able to listen ZI through without having experienced unprecedented ways to make music on.

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