Zenith - Enforcer

From speed metal to grand prix heavy

I have, since I learned to know them, loved Enforcers take on speed metal mixed with old-fashioned heavy, and they are passed from one strong plate to the other, where the formula has been aggressive metal with Olof's cool vocals in the front. His vocals are still completely fantastic, but there is dælme new buns on the soup purely musical. Already on the first track "Die for the Devil" you sense that there are turned down for the speed metallen, but to turn up for heavy rock. This is followed, in the degree up of "the Zenith of the black Sun", which is pure hardrock – fed hardrock – but also very different than you are accustomed to from the edge. But already at the next number there will be a delicious speed metal grenade to suck on, and how to run it is actually all the way through. The one moment is the Enforcer, as we know it, and the next it's a new Enforcer with more focus on the soft parts and the hardrockede. Common to all the numbers, however, is that they are catchy as a wildfire. On song number 4 there grand grand prix heavy in it all. It is a great trouble, but also very far from the Enforcer, I recognize.

Variation a lot

You can't say that the Enforcer selects the path with the Zenith, for it moves in the degree outside the comfort zone, a place or another has felt that the band found themselves in. They have since the beginning played their own kind of metal, but here takes the plunge and explores the territories, they have found themselves in before. My first impression was disappointment, but gradually, as the disc begins to sit, so I put the price at that they try something different and take some chances. This is big words from a usually quite stokkonservativ reviewer. I was very confused the first times I listened to the disc, and then me mad at substantially softer terms from the swedes. But I'm a soft more and more up, and can now recognise what it is they want with the dial. It is without doubt the most varied album from the Enforcer, and perhaps the right time to take a chance on?

A new Enforcer – a new chapter

Surprise the torque has gradually subsided, and my conclusion is that the Enforcer, as expected, has released yet another fat album. But if I come to think it is as fat and long-lasting as, for example, the predecessor From the Beyond, it must eventually show. There are several really good numbers on the dial, but clearly most who leans more towards the hardrock than speed metal, and sometimes, I must acknowledge that it will be just sought enough for me – specifically, a number such as "Sail on" cuts a little in my ears. But through I put the price in the Enforcers the new expression, they have clearly tried something else, and release, in most cases away with it. The musical ability is there is nothing to expose at, played strongly, and the solo work is quite impressive, and so are the vocals from Olof just get fatter and fatter for each slice. The production on the disc is great and supports the expression fully. I end up in a 7-figures for the Enforcers effusions on the Zenith. If I later regret it or maybe give it a notch up, time will tell.

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