Zero One - Dreadlink

Thrash/death, with the opportunity for better development

Dreadlink is a German band that plays a genre composed of elements of thrash and modern death metal and metalcore. The genremæssige elements varies a lot on the album, and generally speaking, the zero one album that embraces a wide genre. The sound is quite solid, and all the instruments are heard quite clearly. The vocals are also quite good through most of the album, but one of the details, which, however, is most problematic at the Dreadlink is forsangerens attempts on the high screams of, for example, the number "wall." Scream is just not their forsangers strongest side, and his mistaken attempt pulls unfortunately down.
My personal assessment varies greatly through the album the pga. all the different genres such as Dreadlink try to include, but ultimately the album just a tad too messy.

Even though zero one not worthy of the great character, so have Dreadlink a fine potential to be able to develop. They still need to find their own sound and develop it into something bigger, but so far have zero one been an acceptable release, showing a fine potential from a band that can pull great and fierce music together and mix the elements together, that can develop to give dreadlink a more unique and lasting sound in their music

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